15 Genshin Impact Pro Tips You Should Know

Genshin Impact is a game that can lose players for weeks, so here are some tips to help keep the game running smoothly, Genshin Impact is technically a mobile game, but it’s so much more than that. Genshin Impact has more content than any other mobile game we’ve ever played. The systems and battles are deep, the things players can do at any time are amazing, and the developers even want fans to contribute.

1.  Mark the shelter and eyeballs where you find them.

The way collectibles work in Genshin Impact can be a bit frustrating. Chests are plentiful and don’t need to be marked (most of the time), but Okulas are limited, as are Shrines of the Deep. Oculus can be found everywhere and is similar to Crust Seeds from Breath of the Wild.

The only downside is that it doesn’t appear on the map every time a bunker or hideout is found, which is a big problem later on when players have to go back to find what they’re looking for. They lost over 200. Seriously, as soon as you find a shrine and an Okuli, mark it with the map pin system.

2. Some character abilities can be used outside of combat.

Elemental explosions and abilities form the foundation of combat in Genshin Impact. However, players should not assume that combat is the only way to use a character’s talents.

This game has different characters to discover and solve puzzles using their abilities. For example, you can use basic Keqing skills to transport yourself to hard-to-reach places. Additionally, Beido can use the Electric Shield ability to solve lightning puzzles in Inazuma.

3. Local foods are also available for purchase.

When it comes to character promotion, the regional idiosyncrasies of Mondstadt and Leah can often be problematic for new characters. This issue came up when Inazuma was released because there was no way for players to collect traits before new characters were released.

However, while gathering is more profitable in the open world, there is a way to increase your local food supply a bit if there is a shortage. In all countries, people like Flora can buy a lot of local food from the factories in Mundstadt and Chito in the Liyo ore.

4. The height of the text is important.

Exploration can be a difficult process in Genshin Impact. Especially when you have the stamina that depletes quickly. Climbing mountains can often lead to falls, swimming can often lead to drowning, and the list goes on.

However, many players don’t realize at first that character height affects gameplay. Taller characters like Dilyuk and Jongli benefit from longer strides and vertical oscillations. As such, these types of characters can scale and move faster. On the other hand, the smaller bodies take up less space and are ideal for traversing obstacles and tight spaces.

5. Follow the red notification icon.

Genshin Impact is undoubtedly a gacha game, the most obvious being the wish system where players put themselves on the line to see if they can unlock a 5-star character/weapon. Of course, people can throw money in this game and throw as much as they want, but the game has a very well-designed loop where you can get primogems (coins for wishes) without spending a dime…

6. Elemental Joy can be used to avoid damage.

As mentioned above, Genshin Impact has a slight Flow modifier that makes teleportation a bit more difficult, at least not difficult.

However, if evasion is not possible, players can use the Elemental Burst property to avoid damage. If the player sees a particularly devastating attack, they can avoid all the trouble by using bursts of damage-dealing characters like Theoderic in between.

7. Holding Sprint Isn’t Always Smart

A common mistake early in the game: Genshin Impact players often hit the haste button to get to a location faster. Holding the dash button will deplete stamens very quickly for most characters.

At these times, pressing a button can be much faster than holding it down. This process allows players to regenerate their stamina while running. Also, many passive features increase slip so you should avoid fully developing them if possible. Players should also be aware that some features do not apply to sprint rules. Both Mona and Ayaka benefited from her persistence.

8. They are still working on daily orders.

At adventure rank 12. Daily quests are open in the adventurers guild. This is your daily quest, which players must complete once every 24 hours, and an incentive to unlock it at least every 20 minutes per day. But the daily errands work well because they are worth it.

They also provide a bunch of AR EXP, Prime Gems, Delays, and other random artifacts/items. And as we said, there are only 4 of them, and each one belongs to the largest right team for five minutes. So at least come and stretch it out and I guarantee the routine will be a lot easier.

9. First, unlock important waypoints like altars.

There are many teleporters in Genshin Impact. NPCs require paths to get from one side of the map to the other and back in the same mission. And for players who haven’t tried to explore the board before, jumping from one side to the other can make the process a tedious task.

So players should do themselves a favor and wander a few times to unlock as many fast lane points as possible, especially the shrine.

10. Crafting items vary from item to item and can enhance other crafting items.

Genshin Impact has “weapon” crafting and can be greatly upgraded for certain stats based on its effects, waist to leg ratio. But he is placed as the flower of life, the feather of death, the son of Aeon, the cup of Ionos, and the Circle of Logos. It may seem too complicated, but in simple words: flowers, feathers, hourglasses, cups, and ornaments. And each of them can have different characteristics, one main and up to 4 additional ones, depending on the level of the item.

11. Content is constantly revised at level 25+

Players should note that leveling/content in Genshin Impact starts to lag around rank 25, especially for free players. A bit muffled at first, but around 30 AR it starts to slow down noticeably.

It’s not that the GIs aren’t good with their microtransactions… but even when the game launched recently, it performed very well, adding a lot more new content, territories, approaches, and more. A mechanic is definitely on the way: however, players should start early in anticipation of any delays, be it material talent, material level, delays, or AR experience points.

12. Spiral Abyss Abyss usually requires the first 2 teams.

Level 5 and higher in Spiral Abyss requires players to form two teams of 4 characters instead of one. At this level, everyone is divided into two parts and both have to free up a common space/something to protect.

If the team doesn’t have enough level/gear to complete half the quest, players can’t go ahead, procrastinate and slowly build 8 characters instead of 4 to get all the awesome rewards Spiral Abyss has to offer.

13. Characters have passive skills that help them in the open world and combat.

All characters in this game have a passive that unlocks once you pick it up, and some others that unlock when the character reaches level 2, etc. Ronstadt”.

But there are some very useful open-world exploration parts of the game like Amber, Wind, Ningguan, Qiqi, Klee, Katya, and Beidou. These passive abilities can range from identifying minerals at a minimum (which helps with rustic white iron, for example) to reducing endurance costs by running, jogging, or swimming.

14. You don’t have to wait for 10 targets at once

The reason for choosing a path to initially explain to the players is somewhat confusing, if not downright confusing. The game tries to explain this by saying that players always vote 10 times, not even once because they get at least 4-star weapons/characters. And it’s true, but not only do players have to wait once for 10 targets, but they also get at least 4 stars for every 10 wheels, both consecutive and individual.

This bonus also applies to the 500 reward system. If players do not get 5 stars in 89 spins, they have 100 100 of 90. If players catch 4 stars before their 10th spin, the number starts over. Don’t be one of those gamers who spend thousands of dollars on a single character.

15. Constantly exchanging items and characters

Pay attention to the elements and change your behavior. Genshin Impact is not a game where you play one person and ignore the other three slots, it just doesn’t work that way.

Most of the damage in battle comes from combining different elements to create different reactions, such as B. Cyclone, Crystallization, Freeze, Burn, or Knife.

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