Coach Bus Simulator Bus Game

Bus Simulator 21 is now available for console and PC. If you have ever played this game, you know what it is. But if you’re new to bus parties (party, shut up), here are some tips and tricks to get you started. This Bus Simulator 21 tips and tricks guide will be helpful in that situation. Read on to find out how to find Basser.

Start off

Before you take on the digital web wheel, you must first create a character, name your bus company, and choose your play style.

First, I recommend setting the experience selection level to daily rides. This makes it easy to adjust travel and eliminates the hassle of fiddling with all the buttons and dials. It’s outdated now, but it’s my favorite way to play.

first bus

You will then find that Mira will be your guide for the first hour of Bus Simulator 21. Pay attention to her words because they are full of good advice. Don’t worry if you missed something. Tasks appear as reminders on the right side of the screen.

Bus Simulator 21 engine starting instructions:

  1. Move the joystick to the left to open the radial menu.
  2. Open the car icon on the steering wheel and press X (A on Xbox).
  3. Then select the lock icon and press X (or A) to start the machine.
  4. Then go to the gear icon (third icon clockwise from the top).
  5. Then press X (A on Xbox) to release the handbrake.
  6. Press R2 to accelerate or L2 to brake/reverse.

first bus stop

Once you have decided which bus you are going to take, exit the front yard and walk towards the first bus stop. All you have to do is follow the GPS route and follow the traffic rules. More on this later. At this point, all you need to do is drive to the bus stop, park and pick up passengers.

The bus stop is displayed on the minimap on the left side of the screen. Get off at a slower speed and cut off traffic before stopping at the bus stop. For references, use the L1 trigger to aim left and the R1 trigger to aim right. Remember to use R1 to indicate when to stop and L1 to indicate when to continue moving. These small tasks will increase your ranking and bring you more income.

lone road warrior

At some point in your training, Mila left you. Not forever, but he doesn’t even bring the kids home, gets off the bus, and leaves you alone. Mila will continue to offer new vacancies. If you adhere to their recommendations, you can’t go wrong. Other things you need to know will be covered later in this guide.

Turn on the lights

Nobody wants to ride in the dark. It’s dangerous. Do not turn off the lights on the bus. Also, if you work at night, make sure the lights on the bus are on as well. If it’s a third-person game, then it’s fine. Because the field of view is wide. However, if you are playing Bus Simulator in the first person, you need maximum visibility. I will show you how to turn on the lights in Bus Simulator 21.

  1. Press the left side of the joystick to open the radial menu.
  2. go to the light symbol
  3. Select Headlights (bottom left) or Interior Lights and press X to turn them on or off.

How to lower the wheelchair ramp

There are different types of passengers in Bus Simulator 21, including wheelchair users. Like real buses, Bus Simulator 21 vehicles are equipped with wheelchair ramps. Shows you how to get off the road in Bus Simulator 21.

  1. Press the left side of the joystick to open the radial menu.
  2. Go to the bottom of the menu and select the wheelchair icon with a cross to reduce the slope.
  3. Follow the same procedure to remove the lamp.

Thus, the wheelchair ramp is lowered and removed. It works the same on all tires so there is no confusion when switching from one tire to another.

how to pass the time

Time Warp is very useful in Bus Simulator 21, a great and useful tool for several game tasks. Here is how to change the clock in bus sim 21.

  1. Open the map menu using the touchscreen
  2. In the map menu, hold the right stick and press R3.
  3. A timer will appear on the screen, where you can select the cutting time. 24-hour format.

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