CSR Racing 2 2022 Tips, Tricks, Cheats, Strategies

  • Annoyingly, instead of waiting for a 10% discount on a great car, you end up building a fancy car for free.
  • If you are in a rush to get started, please lock your car and wait until the event is ready to begin.
  • It is strange to spend so much money and resources to upgrade an underperforming PC and not use it at all after upgrading the PC.
  • You’ve spent thousands of gold on vehicle upgrades, but time is so tight that you can’t buy super tanks anymore.
  • In this game, a few options can be launched at the same time. So once you’ve made a decision, you can’t go back. I have often seen players bemoaning too many resources or being impatient.


Every time you have 10 golden keys, save them (don’t save them yet), Brass: Use these on special things to get the most out of a good fast car, Silver: Earn 10% each time you participate in a unique event with your vehicle.


  • Used to get 20% off cars during special events.
  • Use your gold rewards to progress through all your daily challenges and events.
  • Only use GOLD as fuel in live World Championship matches.
  • Do not ship cars/upgrades with gold.
  • Avoid using gold unless you are close to completing the course/cut.
  • Wait or watch the video.


  • Always keep it close by since you never know when you might need it.
  • The S6 is presented in full version only for fast cars.
  • Combo Authority / Golden Car to complete the Gold Cup.
  • Wait for the desired time to be reached, and move and clean the sample.
  • Note that some /S6 joins may break in the event.


  • Not all cars are modern for about ten years.
  • If your system is fast and you have an S6, upgrade it.
  • If you want the best car, buy a Geld or an S6.
  • It’s a project where you build one car at a time.
  • Do not upgrade cars as they can only collect dust.

CSR Racing II tips and tricks


As your car progresses, you will be able to increase the results of all upgrades. If you want to reach level 6 and max out your Evo, optimize your tire pressure, final drive, and nitrous oxide.


Visit Donna every 4 hours to earn money and receive free upgrades in the Infusion Service. We have a unique gift for import stores.

All existing elements should always be taken into account when creating a new element.


Apart from shooting skills, many things can be improved in this game. Upgrade your car as soon as possible to capture more difficult races.

Upgrades improve the look, performance, reliability, and performance of your vehicles. Improvement is the result of these improvements. Victory comes from better performance.

Connect your Facebook account to the game

Does it make sense to add Facebook functionality to my game? So remember that signing in to Google Play will save your progress, but you can also use this method to save your progress. We encourage you to share points with your friends if they also play this game.

Watch the video and free gas

Waiting for the bomb can get boring after about 10 minutes, so you should do this every time you get a chance to see it. Two gas lines are promised for each video.

Our guide said you should have more gold and keys to avoid spending gold on gas, but do you have what CSR 2 saves you, or are you too tired to make the video? Gold is worthless because it helps buy cars and other wonderful things.

Empty boxes must be opened 4 hours a day.

The rare character Donna Banks appears at certain points in the game. Your friends offer free crates, usually filled with assorted parts, so they can upgrade your car. big chunks inside

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