Dicey Dungeons

Dicey Prisons is a unique and addictive game where you can crawl around the prison using your ankles. We’ve covered everything you need to know about taxes.

Dicey Dungeons is a thrilling and entertaining dungeon crawler that has a very effective presence of malicious elements. Dicey Dungeons uses the signature randomly generated dungeon mechanic but adds a modified counter-rotation system. Take your time exploring random maps to defeat enemies, collect loot, become stronger and fight different bosses.

Daisy uses prisons sparingly. While it may seem difficult at first, the new mechanics make it easier to play so you don’t feel overwhelmed. This is a difficult game and you need to get your head above the water to get to the next room.

10/10 This has some status effects on the device.

The Dicey Dungeon game revolves around various items of equipment that you can collect on your journey. These items are divided into attack, defense, buffs, and debuffs.

In addition to traditional damage and strike abilities, many weapon parts can have status effects such as fire, silence, or lightning. It needs to be removed.

9/10 wounds without limits

This is a special experience in Daisy Dungeons, so you will get a lot of damage. Luckily, the game gives you ankles and the damage you miss.

Next to the health bar at the bottom of the screen is a penetration scale. After receiving enough damage, you can punish the selected fighter. For example, in the first game, there is a Fury ability that deals double damage.

8/ 10 Upgrades fully heal you

As such, the health bar fills up as Daisy progresses through the dungeons. The nature of this unpleasant experience makes it easy to deal damage to stronger enemies. Luckily, you will get new health every time you level up.

Explore not only the field, but the various titles in each dungeon and use weapons, apples, and other random finds to heal in battle.

7/10 hostile action

Dicey Dungeons is a strategy and strategy game where luck is often represented by a counter mechanic. You can see your opponent’s movements at any point in the fight by scrolling the screen.

This will help you understand what the weapons and attacks of each card are. Many of these attacks affect the character’s status and significantly impede movement. Watch your opponent’s moves and use them.

6/10 Equipment can be changed.

Every time you play Dicey’s Prison you get a bunch of gear. I recommend experimenting with each one from time to time to create what works for your game.

Fortunately, you can exchange paper tools at any time on the prison floor. Fill your inventory with cards that suit you perfectly.

5/ 10 Have cash in the store

Well, this may be the most obvious thing, but it must be taken into account from the very beginning. You can’t get much gold in this game. Usually, you can only get 2-3 gold per battle. But you can leave it however you like.

Each type is randomly generated so you never know where the next rack will be. Once on the floor of the barricade with the magazine on the ground, go straight to the powerful gear.

4/10 As an additional game

You will be surprised how bones are used in combat. Every turn in this game requires death, at least in combat. Some graphics tools provide a temporary calculator that can be used, but only for this purpose.

In some game situations, the improvement gives a constant danger leading to the next battle. Once you start using 4 or 5 keys, you can easily play long games.

3/10 Please update your device

Anvils can appear on the map when going through a dungeon. This anvil is an upgraded area. It is possible, but almost all equipment in your inventory can be upgraded to some degree.

The update has the benefit of increasing technology and map size. Card size is useful because you can have more cards in a limited deck before the battle. Upgrade any anvils you find during your adventures.

2/10 Partial exchange of documents

The other parts of the dungeon walkthrough are very similar to stalls, only this time it looks like vendors are selling gear and items you need for inventory.

We recommend bidding on items you do not intend to use as stock is limited. The more treasure chests you open, the more items you can find. All you have to do is find that vendor on the map and replace your unnecessary gear.

1/10 Enemies have different weaknesses.

Enemies encountered while conquering the dungeon have different weaknesses such as fire, ice, and poison. Not all enemies have weaknesses, but the game displays this information on screen so you’re never left in the dark.

When you see an enemy with a weakness, use skills and abilities in the deck that directly affect you. Effects like fire and ice can block cards your opponent uses. Take your weaknesses seriously to win the toughest battles.

Dicey Dungeons unlocks tips, tricks, and strategy advice


Hero: You start as a hero.

Thieves, robots, engineers, and wizards – they fix your game.

Jester: Defeat Jester as the final boss of the bonus round, when you defeat Jester he will be given bones. You must complete all the bonus rounds to open the final door, including the Jester’s door.

To unlock more stories with each character, you must play until you unlock the wizards.


  • Fight all the monsters on each screen and get the maximum number of kills. You can technically ignore some of them, but you’ll want to know more about most of the characters. Sometimes it just isn’t worth it, especially if you think your build is over your overall HP + damage.
  • Sometimes it’s better not to buy anything and save the gold for later. If your home equipment doesn’t work right away, you can technically buy it later, but it’s best not to.
  • Border development is of great importance and should be considered as part of their strategy.
  • The fire is not very good. Frost is good because you have to cast it, but fire is bad because it doesn’t usually target them unless it deals 2 damage. The poison can work as long as you have enough of it on the enemy.

Strategy and construction

Here are some simple tips to help you run successfully:

  • Thief: Raise your sword as quickly as possible.
  • Robot: You need the Buster Sword.
  • Wizard: A cauldron damage spell and 2 dice are always difficult.
  • Inventor: Flamethrower is amazing.

In buildings that require a lot of cubes, brutal silence reigns. Large birds can drown quickly. If you’re looking at a map, save your boundaries with the help of a noisy bird or banshee.

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