Dragon Glory

DRAGON GLORY is a 101 XP search game. Game type: RPG. In this article, we collect interesting tips from top players, developers’ answers to players’ questions, a beginner’s guide from the official site, and secrets for passing the game. note. The Wise Geek website is updated regularly. Visit often.

Dragon Glory: Beginner’s Guide

Can I befriend players from other servers? No, only players on the server can add friends as friends.

Can I transfer my actions to other servers? Not likely. If you want to put your character on another server, make it there.

Can I transfer the purchased game money to another server? No, please be careful when refueling.

Why is my game not loading? Check your internet connection speed. Clear cache/cookies. Try logging in from a different browser. If the problem persists, ask a question on the developer site. Don’t forget to enter the person’s username and server. If possible, set the window in question. Stay tuned for how to implement these special features into your server.

Where do you complain about the player’s bad attitude? The server has an organization that monitors the game chat. Paste a screenshot and you can find this topic in this forum. Or you can darken the player.

I found a bug in the game. Who would you like to inform? Please leave a message on the writing page. Clearly describe the nature of the error and under what circumstances it occurred. Don’t forget to attach a photo.

Non-sporting goods, pearls, clothing, merchandise. should I do that? Please request the developer site, enter your login, server, and ID, and briefly describe the problem. This helps.

I have a question about the game. Where to get things, how to use this function, why you need this or that thing in your backpack. Who should I contact? Ads use search. The answer is clear. You can also search for interesting articles in the Guides section.

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Dragon Glory: Heroes and People

Are there any differences between men and women? The only difference between men and women is physique, and a person’s gender does not affect their sport.

How many classes are available in the game? Currently, there is only one class available in the game, but the crafting screen lets you choose your hero’s appearance and gender.

What ending does your character/hero have? There are many possibilities.

  • Attack (ATK);
  • protection (DEF);
  • health products (HP);
  • Critical Access (CRT);
  • critical protection (anti-CRT);
  • creeping in
  • anti-interference (anti-PNT);
  • black block);
  • screen lock (BLK freeze);
  • cause damage (cause damage);
  • DEF UP.

What is Battle Rating (BR)? The ranks of battles are made according to the parameters of the characters and heroes of the series and their parameters are taken into account.

  • command (command);
  • fashion (link);
  • It is clear.
  • house pet.
  • Goddess (Goddess);
  • rune (rune);
  • preservation (relic);
  • technology.
  • Class grades (skills).

How to increase the cost of war? Your brand can expand in a variety of ways.

  • Use items to increase your character’s stars.
  • Enchant and upgrade equipment and set stones (enchantments, improvements, forges, enchantments).
  • Upgrade your gems.
  • Goddess Ami transforms into a more powerful god at a new higher level to purify spirits and stars.
  • Get upgrade weapons (special items, special items) and set stones (runes, amber).
  • Find and marry your significant other in Seoul and deepen your bond with an engagement ring.

How to increase the diversity of skills? Raising the skill level and acquiring new skills will slightly increase the player’s rating. With each new level, you can earn special points to buy or upgrade skills that suit your needs.

How can you add value to your customers (Recruit)? To increase your search engine price tag:

  • Equipment maintenance, repair, and installation.
  • Insert the battery.
  • Upgrade stars and consumables.

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