Eternal Fury Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Tips

Eternal Fury is a new MMORPG for iOS and Android devices from the company with the wonderful name Professional City. You play as one of the various characters such as soldiers, magicians, etc., and surrounded by allies you can attack, attack, and play with or against other players or yourself with infinite improvements. Make a series of them. Statues and equipment. Read Ernie’s tips and tricks forever!

Your character has different parts to choose from. Each color has benefits. Wait as long as possible before choosing to complete the recovery period. If they don’t choose magic, they use their attack symbol, which can be faster and more powerful depending on the equipment, spell items, and enemy.

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Blacksmiths unlock the game very quickly, so you need to grab all your tools and upgrade them as much as you can. It only matters as long as it fits your personality, maybe even your character. Every time you get a new device and install it, you’re updating it.

If you are not a very active or lazy player, enable AFK during battles to automatically select spells. However, the availability of electricity is always preferred, so if you have a high plane of cigarettes to be picked up at different times, this will not work here. If they get confused outside the battlefield, you can activate the autopilot, and do the same there. Mix Auto and AFK to make the game more automatic.

The Erinys Eternal II – Fantasy Strategy RPG

Eternal Fury Duo is a turn-based strategy RPG that combines SLG action with classic action. In this fantasy world, you embark on a dangerous journey to recover your memory and save the world.

They opened the gates of hell and the demons fled. To defeat them, gather an army, call upon your mercenaries, and prepare the most heroic battles. Collect powerful weapons, armor, and demon treasures in this battle to restore your memory and prepare for a new war between light and darkness.


  • Build a castle and expand your kingdom
  • * Expand your kingdom, and build a mighty fortress.
  • * Fire up the academy, hall, and camp to gather resources and expand your empire.
  • * Command your strongest mercenaries to raid other players’ castles to obtain more resources.

The character of your home

  • * Knight, Archer, Mage: choose your type and be the strongest.
  • * Collect, upgrade and upgrade gear so that nothing stands in your way.
  • bring together a group of epic mercenaries.
  • 24* A maximum of mercenaries with different organizations.
  • * Each mercenary has 4 unique abilities!

Awakening Legendary Abilities

  • *Changeable skill sets, skill points, skill wood to learn other skills.
  • * More talent options for better skill attributes.

Epic research in the unknown;

  • * Lead a group of epic mercenaries through dangerous dungeons.
  • * Explore different maps and find new treasures.

PvP battles:

  • * Enter the launch arena and show your prowess against other players.
  • * Equip your friends and participate in 1V1 battles.
  • * Defeat your opponents to be the leader and the strongest king.

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