Euro Truck Simulator 2 lets players prove themselves to be the best truck drivers, deliver goods and run their businesses.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is the second release in the Euro Truck Simulator series. Players control orders, complete dangerous missions and use trucks to open businesses and deliver all goods to people

Of course, those who are unfamiliar with the entire Euro Truck Simulator series may get stuck in the game as they don’t understand the intricacies of the game. the euro. simulator 2

Control block

The game requires adjusting the controls. The initial setup here is very simple, so you need to press ESC when you enter the track to enter the setup menu and complete the setup.

I’m playing ETS2 with an Xbox360 controller, but I don’t think the default settings are ideal, so you may need to adjust them to your liking.

Controller buttons may not appear in the keyboard mapping window, especially when multiple controllers are connected. Remove the secondary controller, press the accept or cancel button (press ESC), and try again. The annoying problem is that finally accepts the button.

Skill Point Determination

Level up as you play. Each level produces 1 skill point. They can be assigned to different skill groups that help you or open up new jobs.

  • ADD

The only skill that not only increases points but also allows you to select each class individually. Each ADR category opens up a new type of work. It doesn’t matter which ADR category you pick first, but explosives (Category 1) and flammable liquids (Category 3) are more common.

ADR classes offer XP rewards, but not cash rewards, which makes ADR work more rewarding and less damaging. Additionally, ADR jobs often involve valuable and sensitive cargo skills, so developing these skills is important.

As of version 1.11 of the game, the fragile cargo icon is no longer hidden in ADR missions.

  • Long Distance

This ability opens long-term careers. This is probably the most important skill. Deliveries beyond 250km earn you a 25% experience bonus, and deliveries in that area earn you a 5% cash bonus per skill point.

More importantly, the base delivery reward is based on distance, so this ability is a combination of money earned (the driver receives a flat rate per kilometer) and XP (1 XP earned per kilometer driven). It also effectively increases base pay. This skill is priority number one.

  • High Values Cargo

Not only does this skill unlock lucrative new jobs, but it also grants an 18% experience bonus per valuable cargo and a 5% cash bonus per skill point. This is an important skill as many ADR jobs are considered high-quality freight forwarders.

  • fragile cargo

Not only does this skill unlock lucrative new jobs, but it also offers a 22% bonus to hidden cargo experience points and a 5% bonus to money rewards for skill points. This is an important skill as many ADR jobs are considered sensitive cargo.

  • delivery time

This skill unlocks Critical Delivery at level 1 and Emergency Delivery at level 2. Critical Delivery offers a 3% higher Skill Rating bonus and a 20% XP bonus. Instant Delivery offers a 5% cash bonus and a 30% XP bonus for each skill invested.

It seems like a great ability, but it has its drawbacks. Very short delivery times for important and urgent goods. Late delivery penalties are very high, so you should use this skill if you have trucks that can complete required deliveries later.

  • eco-driving

Minimize the use of experience. This skill reduces the amount of fuel consumed while driving (5% + 5% extra per skill point). Fuel prices aren’t that high and can’t be easily covered by shipping rewards, so this ability can end up being ignored.

7 tips for getting started with Euro Truck Simulator 2

7 tips for getting started with Euro Truck Simulator 2

1. Follow the rules of traffic

Just because a gamer is playing a driving simulator doesn’t mean they have the guts to go crazy and break the rules. Euro Truck Simulator is different from Grand Theft Auto. The object of the game here is not to crash the car but to come up with different packages.

Drivers do not forget to follow traffic rules. For example, running a red light automatically gives credit to the player. This happens even if there are no police cars nearby.

2. Focus on the distribution of skill points

The more the player rolls, the more skill points he gets. Of course, these skill tips can be used to develop your skills and make your job easier.

Players should remember to choose wisely how to spend their skill points. All the skills players need are there, but some of them are bad. Using skill points to upgrade these skills causes the player to lose points for really useful skills.

3. Eco-driving is a science

Skills in Euro Truck Simulator 2 are useless, but many players know that driving through the environment is probably one of the most useless skills. Essentially, eco-driving allows the player to use less fuel while driving. It starts with a 5% reduction and increases by 5% for each level.

But the activation price is also very low and players can easily refund the winnings they got from the offer. In all these cases, eco-driving is not a gimmick.

4. Take your time to navigate the menu

When the player starts the game for the first time, he will see different buttons and icons that will have to get used to. In any case, it would be nice if the higher levels took the time to design the menu layout and the meaning of the buttons.

The menu contains almost everything the player needs, and the player takes his time to find what the smartphone is in. Unfortunately, players do not receive this menu.

5. Not by the first loan

When a player starts a new game for the first time, he can obtain conditions from the player’s bank. It is a bank loan that must be repaid over time. He does not give up, even if he is tempted.

Getting this loan seems like a good idea so scammers can buy their first truck quickly. But the player pays all debts to the bank and can safely accept the work done.

6. The game can be difficult to start.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 requires no training… so to speak. Even newcomers to this game will struggle at first.

The players don’t have a lot of money, they don’t need a bank loan and they find work to earn a living. As long as there are almost no players in those years, it will be easy to deal with them.

7. Remember to travel with good risks

Players may need to lug dangerous cargo around the playing field, and although it might not seem like a good idea (given how dangerous and volatile the cargo is), it’s worth it in the end.

If players manage to get these ships safely to their destination, they will find that the rewards they receive are far superior to the normal delivery rewards. This is a certain cost for players who transport dangerous goods.

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