Tips for recruits in farming simulator 

1. Beginning of a new farming method

New big cities easily conquer the road. Players are supplied with land, machinery, and other necessities to start farming in the game.

Not mechanically literate, but a good way to start. When you download a farming simulator, it will be difficult to know what is used in farming and the tools, so it is better to play this game.

2. Don’t save everything from scratch

This makes it easier, not only to start a new way of farming, but players do not have to worry about acquiring “the big and best”. Farming Simulator 2019 includes several modes, including those that allow players to operate more freely than the new farming mode. What makes New Farm so popular with new players is that you start with (relative) cash and then have access to everything you need to start farming, including crops, equipment, and seeds. I

3. If necessary, perform a factory reset

Farming Simulator 2019 is the best farming simulator on the market that tries to bring real farming techniques and skills to the game. While most farming games are unpredictable and don’t take many variables into account, Farming Simulator 2019 offers players a full experience, forcing them to learn about growth, weather, and more…

4. Don’t be afraid of rent

One of the best-hidden mechanics in Farming Simulator 2019 is the ability to split and borrow items. The players are tempted to spend a lot of money to buy expensive vehicles and equipment, but the players have to spend a lot of money on vehicles and equipment to start their journey. This item cannot be modified or upgraded like traditional vehicles, but the cheaper price allows players to complete missions and get more loot than the equipment they currently buy.

5. They agree, if possible

In the new location, he has only four farms of different farmers. Between learning the game and taking care of the plants, everyone is starting a business. The Contracts tab is located in the middle of the main menu and always has several options.

Borrowing money saves people and is a good option for new properties. But the bond issuer lowers the rate. The contract pays a reasonable amount and allows beginners to learn different types of farming.

6. Download the material

Boats and vehicles are expensive, so new players will have to adapt throughout the game. People start using a lot of necessary accessories to save space.

Many of these products sell for tens of thousands of dollars. You can use the recipes later. For starters, cheap bars, garages, and houses can sell hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of games.

7. A simple plant start

As in the real world, each task requires different attention. The easiest crops are barley, canola, oats, soybeans, and wheat. Even with new agricultural systems, not all users need to use existing crops.

It begins with the foundations and the dry crops spread after a successful farm has been made. Research in the game is not very useful, there is a lot to know at the beginning of the farmer.

8. a large animal

It sounds good, but the field is more difficult than farming. In addition to money, creatures need special care.

Players need a lot of resources, and farmers can get lost if they don’t research them beforehand. Many people think that all pigs want to grow and eat. Anyone who thinks like this will fall into the infinite abyss of money.

9. At the start, there are no changes

There are many things that you can learn in Farming Simulator. Adding to the confusion are the game modes and balance maps for understanding the game. The new form of the system gives users everything they need. It starts without the last paid mods. It is too confusing to go through all the methods and choose the best one.

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