game of khans

Game of Khans is a great strategy RPG where you play as a clan of Khans and slowly create your legend as you conquer all of Asia and Europe and unite the nations under one banner. But along the way, allies and enemies will risk their lives for you or stand up and die.

Will you become a peaceful ruler and populate the nations, or will you become a brutal conqueror whose only goal is to expand your influence? He must go through a complex process of building from scratch, ensuring the development of resources, and recruiting advisers for this purpose. It can be a bit confusing at first, but it’s a lot easier than it looks.

Play on BlueStacks to optimize and automate your gaming experience

This is very confusing for beginners, but once you get the hang of it, Game of Khan is pretty easy to get started with. In addition, the game is mainly played through the menu. So the best way to enjoy this game is to play Game of Khans on PC with BlueStacks. Not only does it offer better graphics and performance, but it also gives you access to many features that help you streamline and automate. boring side.

For example, the Keymapping tool allows you to create custom control schemes that allow you to navigate the game using keyboard and mouse shortcuts. Macro recording, on the other hand, allows you to do some of the most repetitive tasks like collecting resources and even minimizing your work. Background recording allows you to keep playing even when you’re not focused on the game.

Check out the BlueStacks Game of Khans User Guide to learn how to use these features while playing on PC.

Receive after reaching the resource limit

This may not come as a surprise to most mobile players, but Game of Khans has immobility features that allow players to continue gathering resources offline. However, in this mode, the auto-farming feature is initially limited to 3 hours and 30 minutes, after which the empire stops producing until its loot arsenal is full.

Of course, to make sure your empire is always producing, don’t max production and always try to get resources 3 1/2 hours ahead. I’m here.

My main job is to be your best guide.

Game of Khans is a game that doesn’t have a manual explaining the basic gameplay. Most of the main features and mechanics of the game are presented first, but you run the risk of finding out “why” you are doing all this. History did it for me. In this case, it is natural to get lost during the game.

Fortunately, there is not much to say about the motives for most of the actions, but Game of Khan has a direction in the form of large story missions. This task is always located in the lower-left corner of the main view of the city. By clicking on it, you will see the current target. It’s usually pretty easy. With that in mind, missions are one of the best ways to progress in the game, giving you realistic goals.

Your advisor is your best asset

As you progress through the story missions, the story of the protagonist Khan will gradually unfold, but mentors are also very important in this game. Culturally, the Mongols were nomads, so they needed strong generals and advisers to control the population and keep the villages safe. However, to properly use advisors, you need to know how the game’s feature system works.

In a nutshell, Game of Kans is divided into four categories of players: Champions, Traders, Players, and Leaders. These factors shape people’s best qualities and what they want to be. Because it is the wisdom of the market; Fanatics love life and fanatics love power. And these features include:

Strength: Affects your team and flies out of battle.

  • Noor: part of silver.
  • Shelf Life Affects meat production.
  • Charisma: refers to the army.

From these descriptions, it can be seen that some helpers are good at gathering food, some are good at eating, and some are good at recruiting soldiers. However, this torture is only useful to the government if it takes to the streets and increases its activity. On the one hand, commanders who can send troops fare better in wartime because they have fewer soldiers when the enemy flees…

friends are great

The wives help take care of the city and support the war, but in Kans, the wives play their part in the government. A woman’s job is to bear children and pass on the inheritance. In this sense, it is important to maintain a good relationship with your children, since your relationship with them influences the storybook.

To strengthen the relationship, you can “visit” your partner in the rabbit house and take your partner for a while. This activity also gives you the chance to spawn random offspring that you can care for and raise like a prince or princess. But even if they have little impact on the level of female partners, they can also affect their development by raising children at different stages of development to make the right decisions. Your decisions as a parent and Kan will have a huge impact on your child’s book, from the baby’s first day through early childhood education and the rebellious teen years.

It takes a long time to have the best kids in the game, so focus on bonding with your spouse first and try to improve your relationship with them. Don’t forget that you can also “balance” the best housemates by returning gems to them, unlocking special equipment for them, increasing relationships, experience, and more childhood adventures.

Balance your judgment

Maintaining a profitable kingdom is not just about sending consultants and adding houses. As Khan, you must impose strict laws on your people. These rules apply directly to the three main remaining factions in the land: Shepherds, Warriors, and Chiefs.

In three hours, you will be able to sit on your throne and serve the needs of your people through your laws of power. Today you will see four situations in which the most frequent conflicts arise between two or more of these social groups and how best to resolve them. However, depending on your opinion, some groups may be better than others. And at the end of the decision session, your decision will be weighed down, your people will be tired, and your decision will be less rewarded than Khan’s.

My best advice here is to read the description of each battle and focus on the group you choose. Our idea is to favor one team on the first two tries, then combine the two on the last two tries so that all three teams are green.

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