Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime

The latest version of the Gangstar game series developed by Gameloft is Gangstar Vegas. The game has undergone significant changes since its initial release, including the addition of various vehicles, weapons, new missions, and in-game events.

Master the controls of Gangstar Vegas

If you’ve never played an open-world game, you’ll need to learn the controls first. You’ll have to play Gangstar Vegas for a few days or so to get used to the controls, but the game has tons of settings that let you customize the controls to suit your pace and playstyle. This section looks at some of them and explains why you should use them over others.

Walking control

With the game’s default settings, the running controls are very simple and easy. To go forward, move the left analog stick in the desired direction. To run faster you have to press the button on Running Man. You’ll be walking or running about 80% of the time you’re gaming, so know that running gives you freedom of movement.

This means that when you approach a small wall, your character will automatically jump over that wall. This is useful when escaping from the police, but be careful because it can cause your character to jump onto objects you don’t want to jump over. When walking, the only settings you need to change are increasing the sensitivity for fast turns and decreasing the sensitivity for precision movement.

To lead

The hardest part of the game is driving. Throttle and brakes are provided by default, and you have to use motion controls to steer the car. Unlike GTA and other games, colliding with other cars is not a severe punishment, but especially if you need to help the car with motion control, it’s easier to get to where you want than to go where you want to be. go. It’s troublesome if you hit it.

If you want more control over your car, you should use manual controls. With this setting selected, there is a sliding scale that can be used to slow down the vehicle.

The motion controller must also be replaced manually. In this game, you can freely combine various parts. Our favorite control set is the 6th control with left-to-right steering, normal throttle, and brakes.

Airplane and Helicopter Control

No matter how good you are at Gangstar Vegas, it’s always hard to blow it all up. Mistakes are inevitable, but gesture control can’t fix them. Instead, you must use the up and down arrow keys to change pitch and the analog stick to change direction.

bike control

Nothing special about it. You cannot control your bike by hand control. Turning the steering wheel will trip the bike, so use motion controls instead.

Many of these features are sketchy to copy from top players, but the LDPlayer keyboard mapping tool lets you create your driving and running controls. For example, you can use tools to control the camera with the mouse and play videos by navigating with the W, A, S, and D keys just like in PC games. This allows for more precise control of the vehicle.

Gangstar Vegas mission types

Like many other open-world games, Gangstar Vegas has different missions that can be completed multiple times from the main menu. We will list the most difficult missions and some Gangstar Vegas cheats that you can use to complete them.

To survive

Survival missions require you to kill as many waves of enemies as possible, but stay inside the yellow circle and kill 5 waves of enemies in the shortest time possible. Exit the Yellow Zone and return to the Yellow Zone within 15 seconds. However, you have to get close and shoot to kill the enemy quickly and move on to the next wave. The sniper rifle is an excellent weapon for this mission.

The victim

In this type of mission, you have to kill people, which is what you often do in games: you have to use your vehicle to take down the target as little as possible. In most cases, your target will be pedestrians, so it’s best to choose a large vehicle so you can shoot while driving.


Ring test, you have time to pass each yellow ring. You also need to avoid all the red rings because each ring takes 5 seconds to complete the mission.


In freefall, your goal is to cross all the rings and land in the climbing area. You have to back off your behavior to break his fall and create excitement that makes him move faster. Since the rope is bent, you have to go up and down many times to get through them all. If you fall too far, you can use a parachute to get up. You can use a slow case, but opening and closing it quickly will be a difficult mission.

The best option is to create a button command to open and close the parachute with a button, or you can use the Record Macro option to do it for you after pressing the special button a few times.

Gangs in Gangstar Vegas

Creating a gang is one of the ways players can progress together in the game, you can join an existing gang or create your gang if you want to participate in special promotions and get special rewards.

Promoting a group is a challenge that often has boundaries and leaders. As part of a crew, you must participate in crew-only missions and earn crew-only points. Successful group members will receive individual prizes.

The activity level of a band can be determined by its size. When a team wants to have a higher level, its members must participate in promotions and earn maximum points. All party members get a bonus once when leveled up.

How do you work in Gangstar Vegas?

During the game, you will have many items with one or two stars. The question is, what can you do? The most economical way to get rid of it is to use it for other work in the factory. You can use this workshop every 30 minutes to make any item of your choice.

When they run out of low-quality items, they tend to make new ones. This new item is much better than the one or two-tier star armor and more similar weapons you can get from the diamond ceiling.

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