God of War

God of War is very different from the previous games of this series and if we wait for the new PC version, it is a great game. Battles, advancements, and explorations have been completely redesigned with tons of new features and mechanics. . Therefore, some innovations may seem confusing and silly at the beginning of the game’s campaign.

You may be surprised that the game allows you to explore large areas full of additional activities. There is also a multi-level skill tree with different attacks that can be unlocked with XP. Speaking of experience, God of War has an RPG-like process where you can craft and upgrade your weapons. With so many new systems in development, we’ve put together 11 tips for beginners to help you get better.

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2. Search, but search carefully.

Look for environmental hazards while sailing. There are always tons of chests full of stuff and resources. Also, if you find a rune chest, take the time to open it. They usually contain expensive items such as boost items like Idun Apple and Horn of Blood Mead to increase maximum health and Spartan Rage counter. If you’re worried about locking chests or hidden runes, check this solution carefully.

3. Don’t forget the quick turns.

With the God of War camera on your shoulder, you’ll often have to go into battle surrounded by enemies. The legs can come out in several places, but sometimes it is difficult to maneuver in places with cells. Fortunately, there is a quick spin option that you can access by clicking on the directional pad. It’s a quick move that can be a bit distracting, but it can survive when an enemy attacks from behind. Make sure you don’t make a mistake, so you can fall twice, stop where you started, and completely expose yourself to a direct attack.

If you don’t like the default quick toggle button, you can change it to another setting. Go to the “Options” menu and in the “Game” section, the “Options” section, select the settings that suit you best.

4. Use runic characters and make a house.

You want to use basic attacks and combos that you need to use on enemies, but don’t forget to use runic attacks. He can apply a powerful special to his weapon which is controlled by holding L1 and pressing R1 or R2. Runic assaults come in two flavors: mild and strong. each of which has its effects and characteristics.

5. Choose your technology wisely

The first 5-6 hours of the adventure won’t get you much XP. There are very few things to do, so you have to prioritize the combat skills you want to unlock. Combat techniques like Grinding Storm or Guardian Sweep are useful if you’re often overwhelmed by enemy mobs. On the other hand, if you want to deal a lot of damage consistently, unlocking abilities in the Combat Fury tab is a good idea.

You don’t have to unlock specific skills, although you don’t have a lot of freedom to choose from the start, so it’s important to think about which skills suit your playstyle. Eventually, you will have enough experience to unlock all the skills in the skill tree. In the meantime, choose your technology wisely.

6. Be creative in battle

As you can see from the skill tree, there are many missions in War, but it’s too much to start with. But don’t stress about it. This attack can be used in many different situations and can be combined into many powerful combinations.

It’s good to know what you can use to be more effective in battle. After acquiring a new skill, take some time to understand the characteristics of the skill, such as how long it takes to cast, the effect it has on enemies when hit, and whether it combines with other skills. or not Repertoire Then once you understand how attacks work, think about which attack runs are best for the combo you want to build.

God of War gives you a lot of room for creativity, so you don’t feel like you have to fight your enemies in any way. If you want to stand out in battle, stand out. Even if you prefer a more calculated attack. There is rarely a wrong approach. If you understand the basics of defense and escape, you can be creative.

7. Make Atlus a classic in your battle history.

Atlus is not seen by the best allies at first glance. Arrows don’t do much damage and aren’t very useful. However, as the game progresses, Atlus learns new combat skills and weapons that are invaluable in combat. For example, he can choke enemies by jumping at them and punishing them with deadly combos. While these controls are useful, Atreus’ most effective weapons are the lightning and stun arrows, which cause powerful status effects. Shock Arrow can’t move enemies in a short amount of time, so it’s best to use it in most combat situations.

When dealing with low stamina and strong enemies, Atlus is also very useful for staying away from aggro, giving you plenty of time to recalculate your attack strategy or find healthy items. You can also interrupt your enemies with powerful attack animations, so you don’t need to dodge or block enemies. And as if that wasn’t enough, you have access to Runic Summons, which are especially useful for cloud control.

8. Choose your style of play and stick to it

Wards give you a lot of flexibility in customizing Kratos’ stats to suit your playstyle. In different classes, you can also become a war mage with increased attack power and thigh cooldown. Take the time to think about which stats are most important in battle and stick to them. The sooner you focus your crafting resources on a specific playstyle, the better.

9. Don’t forget to look attractive.

Along the way, he ended up buying or finding a new set of armor to replace the old one. It’s easy to get stuck setting up a new kit. So you can forget about returning all the magic from the old armor to the new armor. Don’t make this mistake unless you like to play in poor conditions.

10. Get legendary gear by completing missions in Muspelheim and Niflheim.

Then find the perfectly alternating areas known as Muspelheim and Niflheim. We encourage you to visit each world and complete quests without interrupting your work. By completing them, you receive special crafting resources which are used to craft the best armor in the game.

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