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If you’re new to Gotham Knights, this might seem like a silly combination of throwing familiar mechanics into the chaos of other game systems. Arkham-inspired melee combat, Destiny-style progression, and RPG elements make you feel like Diablo. Here are some tips on how to clear the chaos and bring order to the chaos of the city without Batman.

1. Support the development of most characters and change heroes at will.

Launching Gotham Knights allows you to start the game with one of the four members of the Bat family. You might think that this choice would set you apart from the other three keepers, but it doesn’t. The game shows that when you return to Belfry, the group’s base of operations, you can switch roles at any time. I am wearing a suit. When you operate on a character, that character is replaced. Each member levels up one at a time, so progress is never lost.

2. You need to seriously explore the open world.

Gotham City isn’t as sprawling as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s 11th-century England, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the fast-paced side hustle. Bank robberies, gang hideouts, murder investigations, carjackings, and more (except cops) provide experience and crafting materials. There are also tons of loot, collectibles, and armies waiting for you (Sat An). To complete some of the main quests in the game, you have to destroy the open world. You will also need to unlock different superhero outfits and color combinations to defend the style. So get used to the regular night patrols of Gotham City as soon as possible.

3. Practice dodging all attacks

Gotham Knights have no problem pressing the button and continuing to fight. Look for the villains who are committing crimes on the streets of Gotham and repeatedly press the attack button to attack their skulls. That’s fine, but if you want to deal more damage and quickly replenish your move meter (the bar that unlocks unique combat abilities), you’ll need to complete a successful attack. However, to get used to full attacks, you need to practice dodging well. This is done by dodging enemy attacks at the last second before connecting to the dome. This allows for smooth and satisfying dodging, exposing your opponents to the perfect high-damage counter and stunning bad guys with style.

4. Complete this challenging templar quest as quickly as possible.

Gotham is always in danger, so the game offers a lot of challenges and missions that you have to complete regularly. It revolves around Nightfall with the vision of gaining the trust of the city’s inhabitants. What you ultimately want is for a completely different reason. It’s all about unlocking the unique transportation abilities of each member of the bat family. But it is a bit complicated. Complete timed combat training missions, foil 10 planned crimes and defeat 3 mini-bosses. Additionally, each character must complete these quests to complete the Templars. However, this is an example of a property that does not transfer from one family to another.

However, completing them and getting a night food ship opens the way for fast-traveling characters like Batwoman’s Batman and technically Nightwing’s Caped Glide Mech Glider. Bat rings and bikes, and an advanced way to navigate Gotham City.

5. Up the numbers

Don’t forget to upgrade your gear before you patrol, as you can only craft gear at Bellfly. You should generally only do circuits with the highest overall performance level. But just like the first aid kit, there are other tricks. Each armor has a different number of heels. So if you don’t want to shoot, you’ll need a bit more gear. please make sure

6. Priority Gear with Elemental Effects

When comparing various melee and ranged weapons, don’t worry about the numbers. Some elemental effects stack damage over time. Shorten your child’s homework.

7. Don’t forget to clean all the dirty things.

Remove the old ones and repeat the process. In return, you gather resources and your inventory becomes more manageable.

8. Base fast travel in the morning

Gotham is busy. Fast-track locations unlock if you don’t want to spend the night as a free driver crossing the city’s many south-south bridges. After the Blackgate prison incident with Harley Quinn, Lucius Fox has news of a new device. This includes the ability to move from place to place on the fly.

However, you must capture the drones and disable the police to quickly unlock movement points in each area. Doing this at the beginning of each section will reduce the time spent on subsequent posts. It’s also easy if you’ve already unlocked Nightwing Glider and other special heroes.

9. Valuable loot and Hazaras would not be missing

Crime doesn’t pay, but the delay does. Killing a lot of idiots while walking increases the chances of finding a chest with a good reward nearby. Burning smoke near the enemy is a sure sign. Grab your scanner and start looking for smarter resources.

10.unless I save a rare one later

Gotham City is full of Claw Threads and other rare finds, but gear varies by level. So if you unlock early, you’ll get loot that quickly becomes obsolete. additionally

11. an online game of divide and conquer

Boss fights and town stations can be enjoyed solo in Gotham Knights, but it’s much easier with a partner. Fighting more is another option. Warner Bros. Montreal has done a great job of building a strong base of free players, and you won’t get the “full” Gotham Knights experience without co-op. Additionally, if an Avenger is hiding outside, you’ll be able to hit targets scattered around the map faster. In addition, your partner can uncompromisingly revive you after your death.

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