Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Released in 2004, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is one of Rockstar’s most expansive universes to date, offering more than 100 original missions, dozens of spinoffs, and collectibles. This guide contains an update for GTA: Trilogy – Solid Edition for Xbox, PC, and PS5.

Look for simple weapons and local items.

Early in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, finding reliable weapons and ammunition can be difficult, especially when funds are limited. A simple way to solve this problem is to keep in mind a few weapons that are useful in each city.

Weapons always spawn in the same place, so if you have a favorite one it’s a good idea to put it in the regular map engine. Here are the individual seeds for Los Santos, San Ferro, and Los Venturas:

Los Santos – There is a 9mm gun on Grove Street behind the two houses to the left of the suite. Walk between the two buildings to find a weapon.

Los Santos – The Sweet Roof on Grove Street has a TEC-9 machine gun. Stay on the roof of the house to the left of CJ’s house and jump on the candy roof to get to it.

Los Santos – Ocean Dock has an AK-47 and body armor. During an operation, C.R.A.S.H Gray Import infiltrates the warehouse where CJ is fighting. There is an Ocean Docks warehouse near the airport for those who didn’t complete the steps or don’t remember their location. Climb the red stairs on the left side of the building and get the armor into the office. Take it, enter the warehouse through the open door, and watch the stairs descend. AK-47 should be waiting for you there.

Los Santos – Chaingun is available for free in East Los Santos. Go to the Pigpen Bar Club and look at the ceiling. If you’re having trouble finding it, look for the hot pink color scheme and big band icon.

SAN FIERO – Doherty has a shotgun. The CG car dealer is standing in front of you. You can see two large pipes across the road. It comes from a nearby solar power plant. Exit the factory entrance and go through the building on the left. You must find another ball with two white mines.

San Fierro – Doherty also has a flashlight. This time behind CJ’s dealer. Pass through the garage through the construction zone and turn left into the dilapidated building. In the rubble on the first floor, there is a flamethrower.

San Fierro – TEC-9 can be obtained from the Battery Dock near Jizzy’s Club. Follow the ancient broker’s office to the main bridge pier next to the building. Behind him is the TEK-9.

San Fierro – As well as cannons and flamethrowers, Doherty can also provide bulletproof vests. Get into the car at CJ’s dealership, cross the station and head down the hill. A large building will appear in front of you. Go left and the guard will be waiting for you.

You can claim MP5 at Las Venturas – Come-A-Lot Casino. When you come to Four Dragons Casino, go straight and pass the main castle in front of you. Behind it, there should be a secret passage leading to the machine gun.

Las Venturas – Red Sands West can be won with a shotgun. Find the block with the mark next to it. There’s a shotgun under the overpass.

Las Venturas – Battle Rifles available from LVA Shipping Depot. I went there and searched the center and found a gun lying in the middle of the trees.

Las Venturas: You can get a good sniper rifle at the Four Dragons Casino. If you are going to Las Venturas by helicopter, land at the Casino to get the Sniper.

trying to save history

GTA: Trilogy – Definitive Edition added the ability to instantly replay missions, while earlier Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas would return players to the mission icon if they failed to complete the mission objective. Otherwise, it may take a long time. However, during the more difficult stages of the game, some strategic saves can overcome the penalty.

Armor is your friend

Whether you’re on a new mission or defending the streets from rival gangs, make sure you’re armed at all times. As you level up CJ’s health throughout the game, you’ll find that he can’t take too much damage before he ends up in the hospital. Armor Health adds a second boost to your overall health, making surviving some of San Andreas’ tougher missions more manageable.

Jump to fight

While the game suggests that crouching is a good skill for tough battles, it should be noted that some missions in San Andreas are more difficult to do. Squatting not only adjusts the concentration but also allows you to cover some objects.

When the fight gets tough, kneel at waist level and press the left Analog/C button. CJ automatically aims and shoots from cover, allowing you to quickly take out a large number of enemies without worrying about getting shot.

Horse racing earns a lot of money.

At the beginning of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, you almost broke. If you want to change something, there is a way to make a lot of money quickly without a cheat code.

First, save your game in the location closest to Mulholland Crossing, and then you’ll go to that location. For those who can’t find it on a map, it’s just above the city of Los Santos. Under the large walkway is the entrance to the Inside Track: a bookshop where you can have a running horse.

Betting on horses in San Andreas is one of the smartest games that can be won. There are five horses, each with the ability to win, so slim are the chances of CJ winning the pennies. Fortunately, saving games means you don’t lose your wallet.

Get your daughter’s money early

While Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has mostly gotten away with it, there are still elements that might frustrate newer players. In other words, every time you die or get captured, you lose all your CJ weapons and money.

One way to avoid problems is to have multiple people match this penalty, and another way is to check duplicate dates as they occur. When he arrived in San Fierro, he found Katie. The Cobra Martial Arts Hall is located to the right of Ispa Antipolis. Before meeting for a date, he asks CJ to be muscular. When CJ meets him, he loses all of his armor and money when you die.

Meanwhile, after they head to Las Venturas, they look for Barbara at the police station outside El Quebrados. Today they want CJ to be overweight. Knowing that the police allow CJ to keep all the weapons and lose less money in custody. For more on dating a couple, see IGN’s Guide to Romance.

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