Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Whether you’re new to the Grand Theft Auto series or just looking for nostalgia, this GTA Vice City beginner’s guide contains everything you need to get started. This page covers Vice City’s main quests, how to earn real money, how to find collectibles, and of course tips and secrets. This guide covers GTA: Trilogy for Xbox, PC, and PS5. – Includes updates to the final version.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories and Mission List

Welcome to the 1980s. A decade of long hair, pastel suits, and muted colors unfold as a man climbs the crime ladder and Grand Theft Auto gets a one-way ticket to Vice City, Florida.

Tommy Varsity of Vice City After a long stint in Liberty City, the city’s largest prison, Tommy Varsity is sent into town by his old boss, Sonny Forelli, to kill two people he believes are too dangerous to bring into the city.

But as you can imagine, Tommy’s arrival in the glamorous and glamorous Vice City isn’t a tribute to everything that happened long after the deal was done…no money, no goods. Take it all back, even if it means riding a bunch of Cuban gangster motorcycles. and corrupt politicians

What is the price of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City?

After completing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, you can play an average of 12-15 hours, but if you want to be 100% complete, including all quests, activities, and collections, you can average more than 25-30 hours.

Full list of nicknames and secrets

Need help upgrading or just want to destroy Rhino Lake? Check out our handy list of cheat codes and secrets, including a full list of all available and active GTA Vice City. Please take a look.

Beware of this useful competition and bribery

You’ll find helpful runners in special spawn points throughout the land, who can improve your health and armor, increase your adrenaline levels, and lower your willpower. Indeed, it will come in handy when you come across Vice while exploring the city. To select these floating icons, just hover over them.

For more information on the location of specific items, see our interactive map for their exact location.


Raise your heart and get back to full health. They are very valuable and restore health quickly. This is especially useful when people are trying to kill you. It is recommended to only use it when your health is very low so as not to ruin your overall health.


The body armor will give you extra lives that show up next to your health bar, just like the health bar. You want to wear armor all the time because armor will always take damage and then eat your health. It’s always a good idea to put on armor before embarking on an important mission. You’ll be amazed at the difference extra protection makes.


This slows down Matrix-style gameplay and lets you complete missions in a slow-motion world. Using it on enemies allows everyone to react more positively. You may also have superpowers in this area. Enemies explode when hit. It can also push heavy vehicles with ease.

corrupt practices

These star icons represent the desired level 1 star. Those 3 or 4-star reviews can save your life, so please rate these places and know how to come back!

I want method and form

Voluntary action will be taken if law enforcement officers find out that you have done something wrong. Depending on your error, you can search for some items. If you do something really bad (beat up a cop, be a murderer, etc.) your desires will skyrocket.

If you are wondering what a diploma is and what it means:

one star

You’ll notice the police are nearby. Any cop who can even shoot clogs on foot. Teams can chase you with cars, but they’re not very aggressive. If you stop, pedestrians will pull you out of the car and destroy it. there is a policeman

Two star

When you’re in the car, the brass holds something. Expect to see these two at any time. He leads you in the wrong direction and tries to turn a corner to escape from the path. On foot, you can shoot cars or guns.


Ah… cheetah hunting. The chase involves undercover police officers with handcuffs and interchangeable guns. These men are much faster and better drivers than ordinary policemen. Along with cheetahs and increased police traffic, fewer obstacles appear. Tomorrow is an easy time.


this is so bad. Instead of closing the road, the police pull and inflate the tires. In addition to attack helicopters, you can also see SWAT transports joining the wings. If you are level 4 or higher, buy the spray if possible.

Five star

The FBI is now investigating the incident. They aren’t much fun except for the many cars that appear on the street. You drive your black SUV.

Six star

6-star heights are very difficult to reach on rare occasions…but worth it. In this case, it is said that the military will intervene. If you’re not in Saitank, things probably won’t end well. The army will bring attack helicopters, tanks, trucks, and many soldiers.

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