Horsefly Tropical Farm: Game Overview Tips and Tricks

TAONGA TROPICAL FARM – Taonga browser game. Game genre: Casual game. In this article, we’ve gathered the best leveling tips for players, developers’ answers to player questions, a beginner’s guide from the official site, and secrets to beating the game. Please note that the Wise Geek website is constantly being updated. Visit more

Tropical Grasshopper Farming: A Beginner’s Guide

HOW TO GET COINS: Coins are needed to buy buildings, plants, and many other useful things. They are obtained as follows:

  1. Execution of orders on the board and the board is the fastest and most profitable.
  2. Coins are awarded as a reward for completing most tasks.
  3. Earn coins clearing vegetation, breaking rocks, and mining clay deposits.
  4. Coins help speed up the growth of animals, plants, and trees on nearby islands.
  5. Coins can be obtained from the wheel of fortune.
  6. If you’re lucky, you’ll get coins from Captain Shield’s magical chest (a reward for destroying the dangerous coral island).
  7. Coins are bought in-game banks for social network currency (OK, Maliki, Voices).

HOW TO GET DIAMONDS: Diamonds are a global currency that can be used to purchase more items in the game.

  1. Diamonds are awarded as a reward for completing certain tasks and leveling up players.
  2. Diamonds can be found in chests in the Jackpot section of Wheel of Fortune.
  3. If you’re lucky, you can get diamonds from Captain Shield’s magical chest (a reward for passing the sneaky atoll).
  4. On official pages of games on social networks (Odnoklassniki, MoiMir, VK), developers sometimes give diamonds to all players.
  5. Diamond prizes will be awarded to first through third place winners in the weekly fishing and hospitality contest.
  6. Diamonds are bought from the game bank for social network currency (OK, Maliki, Voices).

HOW TO GET GUILDERS: Fluoride is a rare and valuable resource. They cannot be sold or given away to villagers, but there are many other ways to earn valuable coins.

  1. Florin can be found in chests on Oracle Island, Booty Bay Island, and Rogue Florin Island.
  2. Once you have fully loaded and shipped your ship, you will receive a random colored guilder. The character level must be 16 or higher.
  3. Florins count with the winners (1-3 places) of our weekly fishing and hospitality contests.
  4. The Emerald Florin can be found in the sandbox on Origin Island if you are lucky.
  5. Florin can be found in a chest in the Jackpot section of Wheel of Fortune.
  6. Florin is rewarded for completing certain tasks.
  7. If you’re lucky, you can get Florin from Captain Shield’s Magic Chest (a reward for destroying Tricky Reef Island).
  8. Florin can be exchanged for diamonds in the shop (Cafe Florin and Big Florin Chest).

HOW TO STORE ADDITIONAL ENERGY: Energy is one of the most used resources in the game. To preserve energy, there are numerous methods.

  1. Visit the neighbor’s living room.
  2. Collect starfish, shells, and crabs from the beach.
  3. Get the Brilliant Lotus Artifact.
  4. After cutting down trees, breaking rocks, and collecting clay, open the chests that appear on the island.
  5. Be today’s topic.
  6. Animal growth accelerates the maturation of plants and trees on nearby islands (energy is not always available, but it is possible).
  7. You receive a reward for completing certain tasks.
  8. Win with the wheel of fortune.
  9. If you’re lucky, you can get energy from Captain Shield’s Magic Box.
  10. Win prizes in hospitality and fishing contests.
  11. Buy an Emerald and Sapphire Fluorine Energy Box from the shop.
  12. Shop at the market or special temporary promotions.
  13. Swap Solomon for a beryl beetle in Mysterious Oasis.

HOW TO INCREASE THE MAXIMUM POWER RESERVE : Maximum energy stock increases to levels 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 20, 22, 24, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40. It also increases with each VIP level.

WHAT IS TEMPLE: The temple is now the island’s capital, but its true purpose remains a mystery. One day he revealed his secret.

How to use multiple options? Many options allow you to dig and plant beds, harvest crops, and feed aquatic animals and plants with just one click! Click the dynamic icon in the right toolbar to activate several options.

Click the item you want to manipulate, such as a bed, tree, or animal. Keep the pointer on the same element unless you release the left mouse button.

WHAT IS THE VIP LEVEL: Complete various in-game missions and tasks to gain experience and increase your overall level. Also, the game has a VIP level with many benefits.

Increase energy storage.

Expand your package delivery area.

Increase the number of actions your neighbor can take each day.

Increase the number of close friends.

Increase the number of gifts for close friends.

Buy toys (energy, diamonds, money, etc.) with money on social networks (OK in Odnoklassniki, Voice in VKontakte, Mileiki in Mileiki) and get VIP points. Invite one of them to increase your VIP level. After your first purchase, your current VIP level crown will be displayed next to your photo.

HOW DO I START THE GAME: If you don’t like how the island is forested, plant a small tree or palm tree and bring it back.

When you reach level 12, a doctor will appear. Join Yorick Johnson’s exciting quest to start a butterfly hunt. Build an entomologist’s workshop, build your first port network, and head to Nectar Blossom Island, the home of these gentle creatures! After the activity, you can arrange your island pool and continue butterfly hunting at home.

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