Hungry Shark World Game in The best techniques to increase your score

Hungry Shark World is an addictive action game where you control a shark and eat everything in sight. The goal is to survive as long as possible, collect as much loot as possible, and score as many points as possible before dying. True to its name, the Hungry Shark constantly loses health due to its insatiable hunger and must constantly eat to survive. However, the sea is full of dangers and the enemy fish don’t want to be eaten, so you have to play smart and aim for high scores.

1. Get Daily Boxes!

Like many other games that have daily quests that must be completed to earn special rewards, Hungry Shark World has a maximum of five daily chests per map. You can find them all at once, but if you’re lucky you might need to do more than one. However, if you find the correct level cards, you can easily find all daily treasure chests.

2. Use rewards to increase your score

Not to be confused with the boosters above. Power-ups are very useful and activated items that are very useful in different situations. These amps:

Gold magnet – attracts gold and other valuables to the mouth. Especially in the golden age.

Mega Rush: Start racing immediately with Mega Gold Rush. Every time you die, use the My Save feature and get a new one.

Unstoppable – easily overcome barriers and other obstacles. Even mine won’t stop you!

Hypnosis: People won’t attack you or put them directly in their mouths, so you can easily kill them.

Huge Pets: Increase the size of your pets and let them eat whatever they want, regardless of their size.

3. Max Gold Rush and Mega Gold Rush

The difference between getting a good score and getting a good score in Hungry Shark World is usually how you handle Gold Rush and Mega Gold Rush.

These two bonus modes give you lots of points and coins. A typical gold rush turns all edible items into gold which you can eat for extra coins. Meanwhile, Mega Gold Rush turns everything into gold and eats everything in its path. Both modes give you temporary invincibility and unlimited favorites for the duration.

4. Collect the letters H-U-N-G-R-Y.

Hungry Shark World Game in Collect the letters H-U-N-G-R-Y.

Besides this gold rush, HUNGARY rewards are also the main source of points in Hungry Shark World.

When a shark becomes active, it gets bigger and can eat anything. Shark XS with a HUNGER reward can eat even the biggest whales and even the toughest enemy sharks. However, unlike Gold Rush, eating enemies in this mode does not turn into gold, so you won’t get extra coins. However, Hunger Mode is a great opportunity to rack up points and get revenge on those pesky sharks that will kill you with one bite.

5. Equip pets and accessories

Preparation is the best part of getting good grades…or something like that. In Hungry Shark World, you can equip different pets and outfits to improve shark stats. In the first mode, you get a helper who will swim up close and attack anything that gets in your way. These pets don’t deal as much damage as you do, but they can easily deal with small threats and heal you as if you ate the target.

However, some pets can use special abilities that sharks don’t have, which can be very useful. For example, your pet octopus can easily eat a nearby jellyfish, but you can’t until you unlock a bigger shark. No matter what animal you use, these helpful minions will help you increase your damage output in Hungry Shark World. After unlocking it, don’t forget to use it with other clothes and accessories.

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