Hunter Assassin : Guide, Tips To Complete All Levels

Hunter Assassin is his addictive puzzle game for iOS. I’m here to help you improve by sharing your Hunter Assassin guides, tips, and tricks, Don’t waste your time and follow our Hunter Assassin tips and tricks. It will help you complete all levels from basic to advanced skills.

Basic controls and game concepts.

The concept and operation of the game are too simple to describe in detail. However, you should keep all of this in mind when choosing your approach in Hunter Assassin, Your main objective is to kill all guards in the game, ideally invisible. His movements should be predictable, or at least invisible, As you progress through the levels, Guardian introduces more obstacles and patterns, making the levels themselves more difficult, but overall very simple, Tap the screen to select where you want to go, then tap one of his guards and your character will automatically find the best route to get there. However, there are times when it’s better to run toward an enemy, and the Raid AI never does, so you’d be better off doing it yourself.

Organize your travel plans

One of the best things he can learn about gambling is having a systematic approach. Instead of navigating with a single tap, it analyzes the best route and navigates from point to point with a single tap. long distance

It’s easy to predict, but a guard’s route can change at any time…and he’ll end up patrolling the same area with multiple guards.

Touch the screen to go to a corner, touch to go behind the top area, touch to go to other corners, and behind guards. thing.

Be patient!

The game itself is usually very fast, but you may have to wait patiently for your guard to take the first position. This becomes more important as the difficulty increases.

If there are too many guards to safely approach, hide and wait a while.

The same thing happens if the guards are in a narrow hallway and you can’t run toward them. Wait for them to come out and take them out when there’s an easier way.

Again, most of the time the action is quick and you can always continue without stopping, but sometimes patience is required. Better than restarting the level.

Visualization or Filmization? no matter

To keep the game simple, being caught or shot doesn’t mean the game is over. It’s a little harder in some cases, but you can still win the game, The main thing is not to panic Not bad if you’re a beginner. The guards will quickly lose sight of you, so you’ll need to run away and hide, If you get shot, you can either run toward the enemy and kill them, or run away and wait for the attack. Yes…but there is usually room to move, so don’t panic and rethink your approach.

Get all possible bonuses

There is no real bonus to speak of for each level (the bonus you get every 10 levels is free diamonds).

However, there are plenty of options to get extra diamonds which can be very helpful in unlocking new characters.

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