Lords Mobile: Tower Defence

This is my guide on how to become a non-beginner mobile gamer. It is a task for new players to grow quickly and grow productively and not make other stupid mistakes.

please remember For the first 5 hours of the game, each side must be given a cool. They appear ready for almost all stages. When you go to the bathroom while playing, there is a window inside the bathroom that tells you what to do.

Thank you for allowing my new accounts to be out there. nice what kind! Good people!

These tips and tricks assume you’ve accumulated your first 50,000 points in your account. If you have that number, give it back.

Get Accepted into a Guide

This first step is necessary for your growth. If you don’t belong to the club, you won’t get far in this game.

  • Here’s the problem: expect many sins, it’s not about your character (even if you know it well), it’s about your qualities. Nobody wants to hire new people.
  • But to receive it himself. Joining a bad organization is better than nothing, even if it is bad. Make sure you have at least 40+ subscribers.
  • If you want to learn more about how colleges work, I won’t go into detail here, but you can read the article I wrote by clicking the link.
  • This is why organizations are so important.
  • The Helper button significantly reduces build and analysis times. Press the help button (free of charge) to earn guild coins. Cash is free.
  • A warning to the citizens. It should be common knowledge shared by all members of the organization.
  • Monster Hunting You cannot hunt monsters unless you are a member. If you’re not local, you can’t get local services for free.
  • When security enters a large organization, people fear attacks and are afraid of serious assumptions.
  • I told you! what do we need to hear more?

Challenge and Elite

This is not a good thing, as most people think, but it is very important. That is, you have it over. If you are a slow and stupid person, it is time to stop playing Mobile Lord. It’s a good idea to spend your time watering the walls and watching them dry.

Challenge is the key to rapid success. Go wherever you can. This RPG-LMNOP tool is for these heroes.

We plan to create a product guide for low-level issues, but for now, we only have Elite 5, Elite 6, Elite 7, and Elite 8.

Either way, here’s a list of the best tips to help you get started:

  • Focus on destroying enemies harder first.
  • You carefully plan your last attack (a special attack that can be overcome by hitting the hero’s shiny horn). If you hit square, don’t press it. Wait for the appropriate time or save the next step.
  • Don’t use prima donna’s healing powers right away. Ready to fall. When the hero dies, that’s the last time the target heals.
  • If you want to overwhelm the avenger, don’t use ult at the same time. Sword limps and attacks the enemy, waits for them to move again, then attack with Snow Queen, then wait, then attack with Nightingale. The approach can sometimes help the champions to field stronger than their team.
  • Take away the trophies and phalanxes of every man! Let it be very fun! See below for details.
  • Sometimes prayer is all…
  • Please use the correct hero. Take a closer look at the game and try other heroes through the skills you need to know.
  • Take the Soldier’s Rose. This is great.

A final word on the perennial debate about trophies and names. Please explain to me


Top right – “Bat”. These are small rewards that you can earn during challenges (and monster hunts). Don’t underestimate the value of this trophy. Each trophy adds more to your hero, which makes him more powerful.

If you have a trophy and the hero is riding correctly, the trophy will turn green and you can save. If you have trophies but have not reached the required level, you will see a small icon in the upper right corner of the box.

If you don’t have a bald head yet, you need to open it. click the box


Medals are displayed in the lower right corner of the hero screen. Medals not only add a combat element but also other elements (eg trophies). Medals of Merit improve the combat skills of heroes. Actual combat skills depend on the hero, but they usually have good combat skills (like cavalry or HP range).

like that.

Hero medals can be upgraded by clicking the “hand icon” next to the colored medal icon and completing the specified level (you can complete the level if you win with 3 stars). However, Launch Time initially lets you limit the number of connections per day to a specific period.

There are five medals in total:

  • Silver gray is the default resource. You need to unlock 20 green achievements.
  • Green usually pays twice as much as silver. You need 50 items to reach blue.
  • Blue usually gives twice the health of green. 100 coins are needed to become purple.
  • Purple usually gives twice the health of blue. You need gold for 150 coins.
  • Gold is a double booster + half purple.

Research and development

This is the problem. God’s cell phone is neither slow nor dumb. I’ve told mobile bloggers about it a million times. If you want to play a game that doesn’t require thinking, give the kids in your neighborhood a BB gun race. Or click the bars in the winter.

It is worth exploring and creating as much as possible. It’s a good question whether you should stay at C25 or C24, but you should get to C24 as soon as possible.

Here are some studies to consider:

  • All parts of the Academy treasury (except the gem collection)
  • Prioritize all research on Military Academy attacks, but remember to do everything yourself.
  • He wants to hunt monsters. I’m a huge Monster Hunter fan, but some people…
  • Force update if needed
  • Here the study is neglected.

construction sector

Yes. The number of buildings you build matters. You should not decide how many pens you need based on how many dogs you want to keep in your home. For most, that means 3,000 bars…

This is an introductory post and I don’t want to explain the reasoning behind my reasoning.

  • You can build 2 Barracks. Only 1 barrel is best…just take 3 if you need to…
  • Start with a few healing stations, but as you start building your army, break the rules and start building more healing stations.
  • Start with a roof, but as I said, if you’re careful, take it down if need be.
  • About Building Assets Choose a building and stick with it. Yes. All accounts should be hyper accounts. Also my main account. So the damage will be for example 1 farm (no more than 2 or they will try to hurt you), 13 mines, 2 mines, and 2 plants.
  • Familiar horses depend on the consistency and knowledge you learn. 

skills and knowledge

Talents are items that can be updated in the upper right corner each time the player levels up.

Don’t underestimate the power of these sectors. The only thing is that you have to choose between the tree of military skills and the tree of economic skills.

I would suggest maxing out income first, such as research, housing, and any super resources you want. Then go to the battlefields and focus on the type of battlefield you are focusing on.

Progress in the game and it’s important to upgrade every time you go into battle or do an economic campaign. Expensive (1000 gems) but usually worth it!

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