Mad Zombies

Join the battle and bring the dead back to the graveyard in this offline zombie game where the dead rise. When you first enter the game, you will be taken to the first mission. You are on a mission to rescue another survivor who is in danger of being captured by the undead. Our quick guide will help you get started as a zombie removal expert.

You will soon discover that there are many undead to kill and many weapons to destroy them. Some missions require specific weapons, such as B. Shotguns for ammunition missions or field upgrades for special ops. Hurry up and get ready and join the hunting adventure today. This game will increase your adrenaline. Download and play this unlocked racing game on your PC today!


spit out infinite possibilities

There are countless ways to reduce the absurdity of the day by killing the undead that seeks your wrath. CRAZY ZOMBIES, an offline zombie game has over 200 missions to unleash hell and earn rewards. Unlock the next area by completing all main missions and SWAT missions. Some bonus missions are more difficult but have greater rewards.

Daily quests and discoveries give you great rewards so that the world refreshes after a while and you always find something to kill.

Unlock and upgrade your arsenal

Choose your favorite zombie killer from a wide range of weapons, from the humble Heckler & Koch MP5 machine gun to the mighty General Electric M134 machine gun. Your wrath is unleashed on decaying bodies and falls on fresh flesh. Then get cash rewards for specific info you can use to upgrade your weapon of choice. Upgrade your ammo, magazine capacity, range, body, and even barrel with each pull of the trigger. can hit harder

I won’t break the bank

High-quality graphics and addictive gameplay shouldn’t be expensive. Download zombie games online for free. Play free FPS games at home using your PC. There are several ways to earn quick cash while you quest to buy weapon upgrades or unlock weapons you can use to crush the dead. You can also earn rewards by watching short video programs and double in-game currency rewards after each mission.

CRAZY ZOMBIES cheats, cheats, tips and tricks:

every day is a day

Daily quests and global quests reset after about 24 hours, so check back daily. Doing so will give you other rewards. Missions can always be rewarding, but challenges can be much more challenging, giving you more in-game rewards than regular missions.

Relax and recharge when needed.

It’s easy to make big bucks early in the game, but don’t spend all your money on special upgrades or unlocking different armor classes. Many special missions require improvement and can always be completed quickly. This works, but I recommend reserving your purchase until you need it.

quick eyes and quick hands

Quickly scan your surroundings for possible zombie spawns. Keep an eye on key features like fuel and hydrogen tanks to slow you down in case of trouble. Shoot as many as you can and place fire under the tank to blast the zombies for maximum damage. Likewise, the hydrogen ocean freezes when the rays arrive. They do not always appear in all missions, so they appear in all.

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