Marvel Heroes Puzzle Quest RPG

There are many Marvel mobile games available to gamers, but the most consistent and addictive game is Marvel Puzzle Quest. This is a comical reinterpretation of the match 3 system that has been popular in many mobile games since 2013. With hundreds of characters, quests, and events to keep players engaged, it’s possible. Difficult for new players.

Fortunately, Marvel fans (including this author) who have been playing the game for years know how to save time and reduce stress. while reading jewelry on the phone.

1. you don’t have to save everything

There are hundreds of characters in Marvel puzzle quests. It’s great because it also includes some adult-only recognizable Marvel characters, but it can be overwhelming for new players who feel the need to make a list of all the characters I have.

In a perfect world, everyone has enough money to buy every space on the list, but not everyone does. You may have to make some sacrifices, but luckily there are plenty of leaderboards and resource lists that show you which characters you want from your roster and others you can safely remove.

2. Use Hero Points Only for Roster Points

There are many things you can do with Hero Points, the premium in-game currency. These range from set tokens, and vault tokens to limited-time offers. However, only one Championship Point can be used. recording slot

Things like tokens can be earned by playing normally, but Hero Points are the only way to earn roster slots, so you should focus on your hard-earned coins…

3. PVP is not as scary as it looks.

Marvel Puzzle Quest’s PvP gameplay may seem overwhelming to new players, but it’s not as bad as it sounds. In addition to playing with other players in real-time, many factors make the game fun for players.

Not only do you need to win PVP to get great rewards, but there’s also a handy “jump” feature that lets you skip teams that might be invincible in the competition. We advise going to as many events as you can.

4. join an alliance

The Marvel Universe is full of teams of heroes, villains, and sometimes both. The Marvel Puzzle Quest Alliance doesn’t have the reputation of teams like the Avengers or X-Men, but it’s a team worth joining.

Even though it’s Spider-Man vs. Sinister Six, joining the Alliance also earns event rewards. When an alliance member purchases a VIP package, that team not only becomes a federation member but also earns points. You can request an order from an alliance partner. They are almost guaranteed to be stronger than what you get from the mission. Teamwork makes Marvel the dream job.

5. The price is a friend’s price.

This is a free mobile game, so small deals (big deals if you have a lot of money) should be part of the game. Enjoy the game and progress. But there are good reasons to spend only $2 per month on the game. price

Spending money on the game activates the bonus rewards for a month. Rewards can be started for up to 10 quests per day. Completing missions will give you Command Points, 100 Hero Points, 2000 Iso-8, Hero Tokens, Elite Tokens, 25 Hero Points, 1000 Iso-8, 10 Hero Points, or 500 ISO. -8 Some of these items may seem trivial, but they are added and are a welcome bonus for purchase.

7. Hero Points are the only currency worth buying.

Visit the Marvel Puzzle Quest Resource Store to find a variety of pieces and items that can be purchased with real money. It’s perfectly possible to play the game without spending anything, but only Hero Points are worth buying as long as you’re willing to spend in-game.

Things like Medkits and Iso-8 are easy to get from chests and quests, but Hero Points are very difficult and the only thing you can spend money on.

8. you will sacrifice your soul

Honestly, this applies to all safe tiles in the game. Unlike recruitment event tokens, like PvP character events, which can expire, vault tokens can be stored indefinitely, but some history is extremely rare, so it’s a good idea to save them if you can’t wait. it is allowed to keep them.

But once you have enough space for all your characters, save the Deadpool Octopus panels for a larger group. Earn Taco chips every day. If you can do these things consistently, you can save a lot of money in no time.

9. Do not open panels unless there is a place on the list

As you play, you’ll want to use the tokens you’ve accumulated over days, weeks, and months. But be aware that if you don’t have the resources to record all the behaviors you can collect from your vault, you may end up collecting a lot of information that you may only have for a few weeks.

See what you need because you can’t save space.

10. Keep a complete list before opening new information

This tip is often overlooked, but I’ve heard from people who have played the game for years, to make sure your list is complete before opening tiles (especially if you’re opening a lot of tiles at once). I don’t like being with people either.

However, opening a new account with a character that is not on the roster while using the font will automatically add it to the roster rather than going to the saved skin. If you save that cover instead of grabbing it right away, you’re in luck.

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