Modern Combat 5 FPS for Mobile

Don’t jump on the boot! First, go to the options menu and change the command. Turning on the Auto Power Gap option allows your Super Soldier to move faster on the battlefield.

2. Know your course!

You can play 4 different classes. This different class has its weapons and abilities. First, you have access to the Scout class, which specializes in using submachine guns and missiles. These soldiers excel in close to medium-sized battles.

Assault classes are equipped with assault rifles and missiles. They do a lot of damage to enemies and always have spare ammo.

3. Automatic shooting is best if you are new to FPS.

Users who play this game and are relatively new to the FPS genre can toggle the autostart option by going to the options menu. This great tool for beginners will automatically fire your weapon when the scope is on an enemy.

• Important note: auto-tracking works in single-player, so don’t expect auto-weapons to fire in multiplayer.

4. Accuracy tracking reported that players should pay attention to color-coded accuracy notifications.

5. You can shoot enemies from certain walls. also informed players that enemies can pass through certain walls and obstacles.

6. the Best way to get XP

Getting XP means access to additional classes, weapons, weapon attachments, special types of grenades, and various customizations. You can complete a mission, complete that mission’s 3-star objective and replay completed missions to earn this valuable XP.

• You can get more XP in the game for making smart shots. Aim for the head and shoot explosives (if you see a bucket, propane tank, or gas cartridge, you know what to do: Shoot!) to kill multiple enemies at once.

7. Earn in-game medals for achievements and more experience.

• Accomplishing game achievements not only gives you more experience but also rewards you with awesome medals.

• It’s very easy to get the “Operator” medal when you kill 10 enemies. Other medals like “Shooter” (3 shots every 2 seconds) are smaller but harder to get.

8. Weapons also have their experience counters.

• Each weapon you own can increase damage, range, clip size, and more. Just use your weapons well to destroy your enemies. You get 10 points for each weapon that can be earned with a specific weapon.

• You can focus on one weapon class to unlock the next weapon in that class. We recommend unlocking as many new Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, and Rocket Launchers as possible. This weapon becomes a big threat in attack and heavy classes.

9. Get SP at each level.

• SP (skill points) can be used to improve the special abilities of your class. SP can be earned through specific quest/event completion and promotion.

• Class Skill can be raised to 2, Master is better than SP. Continue to level up and receive boosts to keep your SP stacks high.

10. Win again! refresh

•For first-person shooter veterans, especially those who play mobile games, this should come as no surprise. In the heat of battle, reloading is a one-click operation. Swipe your finger across the screen to switch weapons.

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