Murder by Choice: Clue Mystery

Murder by Will is a crime thriller combined with a Hidden Object Puzzle developed by Nordcurrent. You can control the game and collect information as they explore death on a private luxury island, Below are tips and precautions to help you get the most out of your hunt.

Game Play

The mysterious object of the game is so intense that everyone feels the same. it’s true. That’s why I was so surprised when I came across Murder by Decision. Because it has a story because as a judge you can judge your character, The hidden levels are also very challenging. I don’t like it at first, but nobody wants a simple puzzle game. Where is this happiness?

He hints and hints at killing by choice

Take it slow 

The game is a complex of hidden objects and mysterious stories that you will discover as you interact with the characters and explore the house you inhabit. Game zones and progress.

The game also depends on the power system, which starts to recover over time. You can start by earning free energy with the possibility of earning energy rewards for achievements and collections. But if you play for a while, you will quickly run out of money.

Hidden Objects 

The hidden object scenes are very well designed and there are many steps to find the objects. It can be exhausting, but as I said above, take it easy.

Note that in the list of elements below, the elements that should be in the current scene are highlighted and the elements that are not currently visible are outlined. To find it, you need to look for areas like pockets or drawers that can be opened to look inside, or objects that need to be handled to open new areas.

Please note that the items listed may differ from the actual item, photos, or other vague representations.

Story Objects 

To move in the footsteps of your neighbor, tap the checkmark icon in the top left corner to confirm the goal of the game. Also, I’ll unlock the map in advance, which can be done with the phone icon, to see where you need to go.


The game features hints to help you find items in hidden object scenes and guide you through the story. You can pay in-store to buy more tips. You will also be able to view ads with free tips.

He also taught this game. If you’re just getting started and need more help, our Kill by Choice guide has tips on how to play the first part of the game. All in all, this is a good introduction to how the game works.

Murder By Choice codes

Many games offer redemption codes that can be entered into the game to claim free rewards. At the time of this writing, we do not have confirmation of the Redemption Code system nor the kill in code selection.

5 Tips for Solving a Murder Mystery After Dark

They are all accused of a mysterious murder at a dinner party. You not only have to find the murderer, but you also have to find out how, when, and why the murder happened. Many of our guests buy dinner tickets every month because they love detectives. If you’re new to solving a murder mystery, read on to find clues, impress your friends, and solve the murder case.

1. I doubt everyone, including you

As soon as you walk through the door, the murder mystery begins. Hence all the doubts among you. It is best to chat with other guests and players. You may have set behavioral goals or goals you need to achieve by the time you finish eating. Who knows that he is a murderer?

2. Work with the theme

Set in the 1920s and 1930s, Henderson Castle kills a mystery dinner party with unique characters and an original plot. But once you get into the characters, the plot becomes more exciting. Come to dinner and dress appropriately for the theme or period. Most party venues won’t require you to dress up for a murder mystery dinner, but it will be a lot more fun if you do.

3. Listen

Listening is about raw materials in general. However, attending a party is not the sacrament of a “normal party.” Sometimes the best way to discover secrets is to catch other characters. Finding teasing secrets is a great way to attract an optimistic guy who will tell you everything he knows.

4. Opinion about you

Numerous delicious dishes will easily reach your plate. However, they decide to stay where they are to find the killer. Before the night is over, you must find out how, when, and why the massacre took place.

Don’t be seduced by meaningless conversations over dinner. It’s all part of the game, we share personal information and secrets only when necessary. When you spread the word about yourself, others tend to follow suit. Use this to your advantage.

5. Don’t get angry

The murder investigation group uses assigned characters. If someone serves you a rude dinner, it probably has more to do with the character they’re playing than their personality. Instead of getting angry, ask yourself why he is behaving that way. Are they murderers? Are you hiding a terrible secret important to the plot? It is your responsibility to do this the day before.

Henderson Castle is the perfect location for your next murder spree. Mystery Lunch is perfect for birthdays, corporate parties, and fun gatherings with friends. An intriguing murder mystery requires at least 20 people. Buy a monthly pass to end the mysteries of the party.

Choosing to Kill: Investigating the Secret

Discover a modern, action-packed police adventure: targeted killing! Enter a mysterious tropical island filled with hidden objects, secrets, and murder! Gather clues and test your detective skills to find out who is behind this heinous crime!

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