Tall Man Running

The Tall Man Run is a runner who gets tricky obstacles and boosts to become taller and wider. There are many obstacles. You have to pay a huge amount of money to get the most points and gems.

Stumble Guys

If you’re a heavy runner and can’t get enough of running between games, Guys Offender is your best bet. Because this new game series always supports the players.

Johnny Trigger: Action Shooter

Johnny Trigger SayGames gives players the chance to destroy the mafia world. The game plan is simple but requires players hours of gameplay. Johnny Trigger’s story is simple and direct, yet engaging.

Murder by Choice: Clue Mystery

Murder by Will is a crime thriller combined with a Hidden Object Puzzle developed by Nordcurrent. You can control the game and collect information as they explore death on a private luxury island,

Dead Warfare: RPG Gun

Shortly, humanity is threatened by a wave of ghosts. It must accumulate in dirty basements and dilapidated buildings. This is exactly what happens in DEAD WARFARE. The battle starts here.

Dragon Glory

DRAGON GLORY is a 101 XP search game. Game type: RPG. In this article, we collect interesting tips from top players, developers’ answers to players’ questions, a beginner’s guide from the official site, and secrets for passing the game. note. The Wise Geek website is updated regularly. Visit often.

World of Warships

World of Longships Blitz by Wargaming is the best real naval battle game for Android and iOS devices. Unlike World of Tank Blitz, this game is a bit slow, but with the right strategy and strategy, you will be able to defeat your opponent.