PUBG Mobile Pro League 2022 USA Grand Final: Team, Schedule, and Mode

USA: The Fall 2022 PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) ended on Sunday, September 25. After three weeks of tournament play with 20 teams invited from the spring season, the top 16 teams advanced to the tournament finals with Magnus Esports dominating the small field. It was followed by I8 esports and Quantum Rage in second and third place.

Each team had four round robins per day. After 25 games, the top 12 teams are invited to an extra game. Livia’s second game used a different scoring system. Teams received bonus points based on their finish in each stage and overall league position. Finally, the top 16 teams in the overall ranking advance to the finals.

At the end of the three-week event, Magnus Esports finished first with 760 points, followed by I8 Esports and Quantum Rez in second and third place with 680 and 596 points respectively. Whole number. Unfortunately, teams like Meter Shot Sky, Triple Esports, Team Fawlty Devils, and TMW Esports did not make it to the Grand Finals.

Top 16 teams of the PMPL USA GRAND FINALS

  • Magnus eSports
  • i8 eSports
  • Very angry
  • R3GCIDE is
  • independent
  • actual eSports
  • T20QWERTY eSports
  • Group meetings
  • TUF team
  • You see Dahl
  • Group H2E
  • eSports Law
  • Right
  • R3D eSports
  • 52 Esports
  • 3x esports
  • Catalog


USA PMPL Fall Season Grand Final 2022 is scheduled to start on 30th September. The prize for the participants is $100,000 and the winner will receive $10,000 in cash. The top six teams will be selected to compete in the 2022 PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia Championship.

All teams advance to the finals based on the sum of all bonus points earned in the championship rounds. There will be 6 matches a day for 3 days and the result will be uploaded. The team with the most points after three days will become the PMPL USA Fall 2022 champion.

When and where to watch

The Grand Final will start live on the official PUBG Mobile Esports YouTube and Facebook channels, as well as other PUBG Mobile channels in various languages, starting at 18:00 IST.

DRS Gaming won the PMPL South Asia Autumn League 2012 in the third week.

The final day of the third week of the PMPL South Asia Autumn League 2022 ended with DRS Gaming taking the top spot in the standings. In total, the team scored 229 points in 21 games and obtained an average of 10.90.

DRS Gaming is considered to be one of the most reliable teams in the Nepal region. The team had big chicken dinners in 4 of the 21 games.

Steadfast Godlike is second with 206 points and Gremlin Storm is third with 199 points. God of Bravery, he ate two chicken dinners, but Gremlin Storm ended up with five. DRS Gaming and Godlike Stalwart scored 107 points.

PMPL South Asia Fall 2022 Overall Ranking Week 3

  • Sports DRS – 229 points
  • Abed Elahi – 206 points
  • Hurricane Gremlin – 199 points
  • Bitten Boys – 183 points
  • IHC Esports – 182 points
  • Elementrix – 178 points
  • WAR – 173 points
  • Skylights game – 167 points
  • Esports T2k – 165 points
  • Jammer Esports – 162 points
  • Raw Leader – 148 points
  • A1 NB Esports – 145 points
  • DA Atrax Esports – 139 points
  • Magic Club – 138 points
  • High concentration – 136 points
  • The Legend of Venom – 111 points
  • Seal game – 102 points
  • 1952xDraw – 100 points
  • TRZ Esports – 94 points
  • Mabetex Esports – 75 points

The top 16 teams from the PMPL South Asian Autumn League 2022 advance to the Grand Final. The occasion will happen on September 30 until October 2.

PMPL format in South Asia Fall 2022

PMPL SA 2022 Stadium Fall League is a three-week event where the top 16 teams advance to the Grand Final. The competition is divided into five sections over five days. Each group of players plays 4 third-round matches every day.

After 25 matches, 12 teams will qualify for an additional tournament. Additional games are available on Livik with a different scoring system. Teams receive bonus points for weekly rankings and overall league results

where to look

PMPL SA Fall 2022 was streamed live on the official PUBG Mobile Esports YouTube channel. Here is a link to the broadcast so your team can compete for the title.

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