Rabbids and Mario: Sparks of Hope

Don’t be fooled by stupid rabbis. Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope is a great fighting game that will knock you out if you’re not careful. Fortunately, the game offers many mechanics and tools that can be combined in many interesting ways. do you know that?

I have a case called Mario Plus Rabbid…

The sparkle of Hope lets you choose your team. Technically, you can only ship original Mario members if you want. The command does the same thing as stated in the comments.

But you should try another character.

However, each new character you acquire has different abilities that you can use in the specific fight you have. He can fight for his life. Then the therapist will be the guide. Animated characters are very important in this battle because you need to reach the end of the map as fast as possible. Don’t use it because it’s there. As you progress through all levels of the game, its amount increases. You can also find new favorites! The game allows you to pay skill points. So if you don’t like someone’s voice, there’s no excuse.

Change the difficulty as needed

Rabbids has an open world where you can explore a map full of characters, points of interest, and secrets. You can enter the steps before you are ready. To be honest, some stages are just average! At the start of the fight, you will be asked if you want to change the difficulty. I don’t hesitate to fix my experience if I think there’s a problem, so instead of banging my head against the wall, I exploit it.

Waypoint setting

If you open the map, you can see the position of the character with the level and other useful terms. Highlight each one and click on it and Radar will tell you where to start your search. Some regions also have the possibility of fast travel after the elections.

You have to explore the world

You can go straight to the next mission, but that’s a waste of time. One of the biggest issues is that Ubisoft built the game with details and secrets like silly dialogues, red coin challenges, and blue coin levels. Some of them appear on the map as you pass. Others are notable because they don’t work when you first see them…but you won’t see them until you’re logged in.

Unlock the ability to scan objects later in the game. It’s a great idea to explore rocks, footprints, sparks, invisible objects, and cracked walls with your trusty robot companion Beep-o.

Prepare to fight

Before entering the battle, you first need to go to the store and get a lot of mushrooms, etc. When you access the Combat Manual, you can see your enemies and weaknesses and modify your equipment accordingly. If you want to try something different, I recommend switching to Spark if needed.

It might be tempting to say that the game heals characters for a small fee, but it’s worth playing around with a bit. Can you fix this? Think you can finish the stages without too much damage and enjoy the post-game rejuvenation? Finally, the respawn option will open. 

spend what you have

LOL But listen, I can get my money back! Instead of spending money on healing, you can stock up on things like POW blocks and a scare shop that instantly restores abilities. Therapeutic mechanisms are integrated, but not only. Save money for things you can’t do otherwise. Likewise, it should be used to hold items until they become obsolete.

Release enemies and friends

When your characters are armed with each other, you need to advance as far as possible so that your characters can jump or slide to new areas (or heights). Watch out for fall damage. It hurts when you go to the hole. But you can also throw things like Bom Ombu to wake them up and other bad things to throw them all. However, scratching, squeezing, and slamming the door is even better.

‘Be careful when taking pictures

For example, one character plays Mario twice. Sometimes you have to return the ball to the first player because when you hit the opponent you will automatically find another symbol of the second ball unless you have an accurate shot and you don’t want to hit two targets. But cartoons are not cartoons and cartoons are cartoons. Sometimes hitting something twice is better than hitting two enemies and killing them both.

Eyes are very important

In the case of shooting, this method works. If you don’t see, you can’t draw. But it’s important for things like obstacles and resources. If you’re in the wrong position, one rush can wipe out Goomba’s entire path. So make sure the game shows that your enemies are taking damage instead of attacking them in time. But if you can’t reach the enemy, don’t lose. Break the barrier!

Getting to know attack priority

This is a great attack. There’s nothing else you can do. Secondary powers can sometimes obscure other options, so be careful what you do.


When the game starts, Sparks of Hope asks you to go to a certain area of ​​the map or defeat a certain enemy. Don’t ignore requests The board is full of enemies like never before. It’s scary and you want to face it. However, the level ends quickly once the conditions are met, so it doesn’t matter how low you are now. Everything else is a distraction that makes the fight impossible and very boring.

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