Shadow Battle 3 – Defeat the boss every season

Shadow Fight 3 is the third installment in the Shadow Fight series of games. It was the first fighting game in the series to feature character customization. Unlike previous games, this game uses real 3D characters that provide more information than previous 2D graphics, As with any Shadow War game, the combat is always epic. But here everything is more complicated, especially when it comes to relationships with employers. But who are these bosses and what makes them so powerful?

Shadow War 3 Chapter 1 Boss

Shadow War 3 Chapter 1 Boss

Bosses whose skills can be learned from Chapter 1: Knowing some of their traits and skills will help you fight them successfully in later chapters. Please note that most of these bosses have special powers and abilities. .. It helps you move forward using your mind and body.

Dynasty General Dan Cameo

Dan Rao is the first boss to be defeated in Shadow Wars 3. He uses a dadao called Dragon Sound. He uses 3 shadow abilities and 2 gifts, which makes them difficult. Your fight with him lasts 5 rounds and you need to win 3 rounds to advance.

Gizmo is a member of the Shadow Squad.

The second boss in Chapter 1 is Gizmo, who trained you at the beginning. He has a combat sword and 3 special abilities and 3 points. Combat swords have high destructive power and a high hit rate. However, after Gizmo cools down, he drops his sword and continues to fight with his bare hands.

Shadow Sergeant Lott Sergeant

The last officer of the first season is Serge, a sergeant in the Shadow Corps. He uses a double blade called a bone breaker. He is easy to beat in the first round because he starts the fight with the rule of not using shadow form… but once you defeat him, he breaks the rule and turns into shadow form permanently. He also has a Surge Walk which gives him enhanced fall protection. If he gets close, he will kick you in the stomach and then kick you in the head.

Shadow War 3 Chapter 2 Boss

Chapter 2 is a whole new level for the boss. Please note that most of these bosses have special powers and abilities. It helps you move forward using your mind and body.

Strongest Characters in the Shadow Fight Universe

Strongest Characters in the Shadow Fight Universe
  • Alien (powerless but powerful for some reason).
  • Long-term (less powerful, but still powerful).
  • Titan Bodyguards (they’re about the same size as the monster, but have no historical significance and therefore deserve no mention).
  • Doll (uses the secret power of Tempest Rage).
  • Galen (weak and hard to find).
  • the list:
  • -May 2 (the shadow swears with two hands).
  • 1-For Tabris (the god who rules the underworld and the sky.)
  • 0. Each infinity affects a part of the universe, that is, each infinity includes a planet or a continent).
  • Shadow (Battle 1 / Shadow 2).
  • Titan (Brahmandesvara, Servant of the Immortal Mandala)
  • You / players / friends / my children. (Shadow War 3 / Seventh North Chapter 2
  • shadow mind
  • MOIRA (angrily).
  • Hand (clock setting, right body).
  • Shroud (the best Titan fighter and probably would have killed him if not for the pressures).
  • Satan (black ear, hermit, butcher, bee, widow, shogun) |
  • Yolanda (doll body).
  • Manasa (animal form in shadow).
  • Marcus (sad with pearls).
  • this is (shadow)
  • June (Shadow).
  • Gizmos (resources).
  • Something that makes you feel
  • Xiang Tzu (Xander).
  • Sarge (saved bow).
  • Kibo (shadow scene explosion).

Why is Shadow Wars 3 unfair?

It’s not fair, it’s hard. The game is different from Shadow Fight 2, so the coins you get won’t be worth anything later on and diamonds can be useful (but diamonds are easy to get), but shadow orbs will do you a lot of good; The rest is up to you. Luck and skill. Remember that the game is not only unfair to you but to everyone else. I only remember completing all the original missions in crazy-impossible mode. With/without the update, you can do the original search normally; It’s easy if you have the legendary set but very hard but if you save gems from chapter 1 to chapter 4 you can get around 400 gems (I did) and collect them. Daily rewards, you can easily get around 300 diamonds. At first, I thought the game was unfair, but now I’ve equipped all the mods and used 4-5 chapters, and didn’t use or buy any cheats.

How to get legendary cards in shadow fight 3?

After reaching the legendary Dawn. I can answer that.

Getting a legendary card is not guaranteed, but as your chances of getting a legendary card increase and you become legendary, you will get legendary power at the end of each season.

Or you can buy it, but I don’t recommend it, because each weapon has its disadvantages in combat. Having legendary cards is a great advantage, but your skills in SF3 are very important in advanced dance. Don’t worry about legendary cards. You will save time.

How can I play Shadow Fight 3 offline?

Yes, there is a simple trick if you want to play shadow war 3 offline and it will be helpful for you to collect tomorrow’s rewards if you don’t have an internet connection. If you have played Shadow Fight 3 online once, the game will restart without displaying an error message when you launch the game offline twice. Now you can get daily rewards, access to the map, training, inventory, etc., but you can’t access the part of the game that requires internet because it only shows an error message, but to get out of the error message, click OK. Now you can play any main, side, or survival mission at any time, but until you lose. If you win, after the battle is over, an error message will appear and you will have to play again with internet access to repeat the trick. If you crash the game without internet access, please close the game and reopen it with internet access, the game load time will increase and something called game data update will appear, but don’t worry, your game will work in a few minutes. / seconds (depending on your phone).

Why are there no shadows in shadow war 3?

But Shadow Mode allows you to switch to Shadow, which is your most powerful combat mode. You can use 4 special shadow moves from your team.

Shadow form increases the character’s power but for a limited time. So use it wisely. There is shade but it is not necessary so it is wrong to say that there is no shade

Is Shadow Fight 3 a multiplayer game?

My favorite mode in Shadow Fight 3 is the main story but the duel for the chest is over. Duel is a one-on-one battle in Shadow Fight 3 and your opponent is a bot. There are no real enemies and no Wi-Fi-enabled battle system where you can fight against your friends. So if you want to fight bots in multiplayer then sf3 is your game.

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