Son of Asgard, Thor

This article is an introduction to this topic. In the future, we plan to create a tutorial with instructions on how to play each character and what to do when you see them on the table. Also, read a discussion of character skill values ​​and a short discussion of their skills.

I’ve been waiting for this since Asgardians came out and AMG has finally revealed the character sheets and team tactic cards for 4 out of 5 Asgardian teams. It makes sense to start with Thor, the son of their leader, Asgard. So what does Thor have to offer? What is Asgard about? And most importantly, did they raise Thor? Take a look…

Hardness: If you thought Thor was really strong and merciful at a hardness of 6, think again. A strong start with the character card.

Movement – Taurus moves moderately. That seems fair enough. I would be very surprised if it falls short and looks like a real expansion for a long time.

Size: Asgardians look like 2 sizes, just like humans.

Threats – Out of 5 threats Thor and M.O.D.O.K. I am very happy that he is the most dangerous of the four dangerous characters I have ever seen. Just because she has to be a strong character to relate to the manga. Let’s see what Threat 5 can do.

Defense – Thor has a strong physical and energy defense and rolls 4 dice at a time. His visual defense is slightly weaker at 3 but still looks average. The setup is really good.

Attack- Of course, Toru has 3 attacks but the first one is physical and it’s called Strike. This attack is level 2, power 6, energy cost 0. As usual, you gain as much energy as you suffer. Even if you roll wildly and the size is 4 or less, you can still shorten the target character. Dimension 4 is now available for all published characters, including the Hulk. The most interesting word in this demo is “probably”. Unlike Black Panther, this role is optional, so you may or may not enable it as a natural role. I like this option because sometimes I want the target character to stay while hitting. But in other words, if a size 4 character can dash to another enemy character, it deals 5 damage to the enemy for free. Additionally, the thrown character takes 1 point of damage per hit. this is important.

SUPERPOWERS – First there is an active superpower with 3 charges named Asgard! This counts as one of your two actions and indicates Thor can switch to Strike Attack. If the attack does at least 1 damage, the target character gains the twisted state (the first character to fall on the next activation must be twisted by the twisted state). It’s very similar to the charges from Baron Zemo and Killmonger, except that Thor is limited to his basic attacks (if not, imagine how powerful he would be). Since the power of the basic hit is 6, it is possible to inflict 1 damage and jump to the character. Thor’s Strike also allows you to throw size 4 shorts and gain energy equal to the damage dealt, which is 2 energy for Asgard. You’ll probably do more work and perhaps get the energy spent (or a little more) back at night.

Scar: A torn cloak and cloak are seen from Thor’s side. Oh, and a little more, smaller, less discreet, more than two RESISTANCE! So it increased its stamina from 6 to 8. This made the fight very exciting and made Thor a liability for the opposing players.
Overview – <Enable Fan Mode>. I love everything about the Thor character card. He has good stats for defense, attack, throwing, energy generation, and healing/removal. I love her! To be honest, I don’t dare to put Tor on my top ten list. Even without a connection to Asgard, he’s really strong.

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