Stupid Zombies

Perhaps the most important factor in becoming a zombie hunter is a high score! Never forget that each additional zombie of the same color killed adds bonus points. You get three points for shooting two people and six points for hitting three! Killing only four zombies of the same color in one turn increases the score to 10 points, for a total of 10 points! Try to get combos with every hit. You cannot pass more than one level earning one point for each type of zombie.

2. Physical use of materials

• Smash kills, like combos, are an important tool for players in Stupid Immortal 3. Crates can be dropped by dropping them from platforms, moving platforms, or exploding them. Bonus points when fences or tires kill zombies. One wheel can easily pass through a whole line of zombies and you get extra points for every zombie you destroy! Although more detailed blueprints are available, using physical objects to destroy the undead is a winning formula!

3. Pomegranates can be tricky

• They seem to have a mind of their own, but a few simple tips can help with the cost of flying. First of all, the cannons are very effective, as each cannon fires at a different group of zombies. Once you get used to the movement, try moving it to a different area of ​​the screen. There’s nothing sadder than keeping all your eggs in the same hole! Second, the cannon wasn’t in any danger, so I shot the zombies with the first rocket shot. After all, balls are repeatedly thrown by groups of zombies that you want to blow up. If possible, lock your weapon in a hole or corner to stay close to the target!

4. Use a Socket Wrench

• Some shots require a steady hand (yes, fingers!). Use end locks to keep the frame on track to prevent jerking and jerking when shooting while moving. To focus, place a second finger on the screen. You can then release your index finger to fire the projectile and make sure you get the perfect shot!

5. Working on the dynamite barrels.

• Want to quickly recruit a group of the undead? Shoot the next explosive barrel! This is the only way to destroy the zombies trapped in the brick castle because the explosions will hit the walls and other obstacles. Sometimes we needed help lifting the barrel, so we found ways to bring the barrel closer to the target or lower it.

6. Don’t miss the burgers!

• Running around the city all day long and skillfully killing hordes of ghosts can make you a real hunter. All the goofy zombie heroes love to eat 3 burgers and happily scatter around the city (please don’t!) On the ground, you have to pick up the burgers and be careful not to drop them. Try to keep the ball filled or avoid all the weak and tasty sandwiches. Dead zombies can usually be picked up in a “last stand” at the edge of the battlefield without worrying about killing civilians.

7. Use Undo Shot!

• If you’ve spent a lot of time thinking about your plan but have already started planning, you can keep an eye on your leader to avoid getting fired. When you lift your finger, the target grid disappears.

8. Eternity Is Random

• Every time you play a level, random zombie locations appear, so it’s better to have a strategy and hit the parts of the level that tend to increase your score. Remember that good angles are not always straight or sharp. Sometimes a big blow seems unimaginable or makes you fall in front of your husband. Don’t be discouraged if corpses appear in hard-to-reach places, but the game can be really good!

9 Flame Zombie Ragdoll lights up other zombies

If possible, shoot the zombies at the top of the screen or multiple zombies and burn the other zombies. The flaming head can spin very far and shoot flames across the screen. Use this technique to put together incredible combinations!

10. Wait for the best shot

• If there is only one zombie of a certain color on the screen, you can keep it until the next round without killing it. Another zombie of the same color can be seen, turning the previous two plates into three! Moreover, he often tries to rest

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