Super Matino New Adventure Game: 16 Plays Players Didn’t Know

It’ll probably cover everything from well-known secrets (at least to veteran players, not the general public) to more obscure strategies. Learn something you didn’t know in this list, Even better, if this is your first time playing the game, these tips and tricks all prove to be important tools to help you reach your end goal.

1. Pink notes “Magic”.

Let’s start with what most people probably know. But otherwise, you might be reminded (or revealed) of the “anything is possible” secret that defines the Super Mario Bros. 3 experience, In Worlds 1 to 3, pink “magic notebooks” appear in the sky coins, A delightful surprise that gives the player an immediate sense of surprise and discovery. Of course, you will be rich, These pink playing blocks are also available, but you’ll have to find them yourself.

2. Convert chewing parts to blocks

Most gamers are familiar with Super Mario Bros. Meet the terrifying piranha plants that love to bite your heroes (or sing with their fireballs).

However, Super Mario Bros. 3 includes other types of hungry plants.

These creatures will appear along the column from afar, so you’ll need to find a way to linger long enough to avoid them.

Hitting with the tail of a raccoon dog is one of the tricks. This makes for a strong block.

To be honest, it’s not very much, but it’s pretty good.

3. There are more new games.

Well worth the fun after clearing Super Mario Bros. 3.

But I won a few minutes ago, but I still want to play. Fortunately, the Western version includes something like New Game Plus for those who haven’t attached the raccoon’s tail yet.

At the start of a new game, players have a complete roster of P Wings. Get these powerful items and get ready to play the game from a whole new perspective.

4. whichever box you choose

The world contains a variety of mini-games to help Mario get the gifts he needs on his journey. Any of these locations eliminates the risk of failure and allows you to choose one of three treasure chests. Here’s a great article.

But here’s the problem.

When you enter the frog house, no matter which chest you click on, the game already determines what you get.

With this information in hand, you can stop blaming yourself for not having a super riff.

5. full of eternal life

It takes a lot of lives to defeat Super Mario Bros. 3 unless you’re an expert (and saving extra lives just in case is a good idea).

Fortunately, Super Mario Bros. 3 makes it easy to get unlimited extra lives with a simple exploit.

One is 1-2, standing on a sturdy pipe in a raccoon suit and firing an infinite army of Gambas.

6. Koopa Castle Double Secret Room

Players may want to give themselves an advantage by defeating Cooper, but we don’t blame them. Fortunately, Cooper was unable to fire the lethal fireball. It has many dark secrets.

Equip the P-Wing and go through the gap in the image of Gray Cooper at the end of the level.

Go through the wall in the same room. Open the door and there is a non-fire-breathing Cooper on the left.

7.3rd world for use

The castle levels in Super Mario Bros. 3 are generally the hardest in the game, except for some brutal planes. World Fortress 3 is particularly challenging given the seemingly random nature of dropping from mid-air and landing on doors that may or may not be locked.

However, there are ways to make the system work properly.

Go through Gate 3 and then Gate 4 to reach the end of the level. No sweat (or drivers) required.

8. How to Cheat in Card Games

Sometimes you may come across mini-games where you have to match cards. You will be rewarded for completing this task, but victory is not guaranteed.

However, scams, even small ones, can benefit you.

The bottom card is always a sure bet. Because it makes you a star.

9. Swipe to kill the bad guys

To be honest, maybe no one buys Super Mario Bros. 3 And I didn’t know this step, but anyway, I’ll do it now.

Hold on to a fairly steep hill with lots of enemies to slide Mario down.

Drop down the hill behind you and most of the enemies in your path will be catapulted into the depths of the underworld with plumber’s boots covering their faces.

10. Reducing complexity is another trick

Many games have regional differences on different consoles. Sometimes, like Super Mario Bros. 2, Japan and the West play completely different games.

But in Super Mario Bros. 3, there is a slight difference between the two versions.

The game mechanics were changed mainly for simplicity in the western version. When Mario was injured in Japan, he immediately turned back into a normal Mario, increasing the difficulty.

This “trick” (by the developer) is a win-win, given SMB3’s brutal endgame.

11. Infiltrate as the Hammer Brothers.

After years of humiliating and disappointing defeats by the brutal Hammer Brothers, SMB3 allows players to seek revenge by dressing up as the Hammer Brothers and crushing those who oppose them. I did.

Despite the suit’s divine power, Mario couldn’t wear it. This is the only drawback.

However, Mario’s hammer sprite was found in the game data and hackers were able to enter it in 6-10.

To be honest, it’s not very practical, but if you want to wear a Hammer suit, you know it’s possible.

12. Avoid strong

The castle is full of traps and sneaky and devious enemies that pose a serious threat to any naughty plumber.

However, if you are smart, you can easily fix this drawback.

For every 80,000 points on the world map, a deck of cards will appear next to you.

With proper planning, you can reinforce it and avoid it in the shortest possible time.

But be careful. The blocked path to the castle is still blocked.

13. Alternative dialogue

This is one of the most iconic aspects of Super Mario Bros. 3- The different outfits a plumber can wear.

Some give him unique abilities such as wearing a tanuki suit and flying and turning into a statue, while others make it easy for him to swim like a frog suit.

However, when you’re saving the king at World’s End, wearing one of these outfits will give you some fun optional dialogue.

It’s not a “cheat”, but players who have beaten the game a few times may want to add replay value.

14. whistle distortion

This is common knowledge for many Super Mario Bros players. 3, but the new generation is discovering the game for the first time and may not know the powerful whistle hidden in the game.

With Chain Whistle in hand, you can traverse across worlds and reach World 8 when the time is right.

Best of all, you get two whistles in the first world if you need them.

15. Easy life

At the end of the level, Mario finds a box containing super mushrooms, sparks, and a star. Collecting 3 of them gives you more lives and 3 stars give you 5 1-ups.

This is valuable for new players or those gathering more people for a harder, more intense endgame, but getting all three at once can be tricky.

The easiest way is to run as far as you can to the chest and dive into the lower left corner.

If you arrive on time, you usually get 1 star each time.

16. A successful game is a gimmick.

Super Mario Bros. 3 is an impressive technological feat on the old NES. One of the biggest tricks of the game is that it works because it has a special chip called the MMC3.

This design offers excellent graphics, speed, and even an SMB3 status bar.

On the other hand, the previous Super Mario Bros. was decent and never broke. Thanks to this special chip, the difference in Part 3 performance and quality is immediately apparent.

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