1. Select a Dealer

The dealer chooses a card to start betting. The leader of the top card is respected. Players change in each round of the game as the dealer rotates clockwise.

2. Place an Ante

We collect money from each player to create an initial pot that players can compete against. This game level allows you to reach bank 1024 in advance for every game played (unless you play endlessly).

3. Receive your Cards

While holding the chest, the dealer deals and each player deals three cards in a clockwise direction.

4. The first player starts the process.

The player starts the action by sitting to the left of the dealer. You can play blind (without looking at the cards) or blind (without looking at the cards). If the blind is in play, you can fold first, call first, or double down. Depending on the game, you can fold, double and triple. If someone wants to place a bet, he makes a bet.

5. Continue Acting

Save Elements Moving clockwise, each player can fold, call or raise as a blind or unprotected player. The amount a player can bet depends on what the previous player is currently betting and whether the current player is blind or open. Stakes 1x or 2x if you are blind and 2x or 4x if you are standing. For the player who made the first call to action, the bet is always half that of the blind player who played first.

6. Request a sideshow 

Show Me Party The active player may request a co-show with the previous active player if the player being viewed is playing after another player and there are at least three players left in the game. The requesting player can either accept or reject the request. If he agrees, both players secretly reveal their cards. The player with the highest rank in the game is out. The hands are arranged as follows.

Best Hand: Trail/Pedal/Trio. 3 identical cards in a deck (for example, A-A-A or 9-9-9 of diamonds, hearts, and spades)

Second best hand: clear/understandable flash configuration. 3 consecutive suit cards KQJ of clubs or A-2-3 of hearts.

Third best hand: Continuity/Race/Straight. 3 consecutive cards of different suits (for example, spades A-2-3 or K-Q-J, hearts, and diamonds)

Fourth Best hand: suit/blush. 3 cards of the same suit, not in order (for example, hearts A-K-K or 9-4-3 of spades)

Fifth Best hand: Marriage. Two cards of the same rank in the same or any suit (for example, A-A-9 or 5-5-J).

Worst hand: High card. 3 unordered cards of the same rank or suit (e.g. A-9-4 with 2 diamonds and a spade)

7. Demand a showdown

A player may request a final challenge whenever one player folds or only two players remain in play. Players should call the fold as needed. When he calls, two players show their cards and the one with the most points wins the entire pot.

8. Enter an alternative showdown

Add any other issues. When playing in a pot limit, you can additionally show when the pot limit has been reached. For example, before starting, if the pot limit is set to 1024x, all players must show their cards when the pot reaches that amount.

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