The Divine Force

OCEAN DIVINE POWER is the complete package. It has everything an RPG needs: a gripping story, an unforgettable collection of characters, a distinct world, an excellent combat system, and amazing soundtracks.

1. Blindside where you can 

Right at the start of your adventure, mysterious mechanical creatures like the D.U.M. You’ll see familiar faces and gain amazing new abilities that will change your battles forever.

Perhaps the most serious of these is the VA attack. With the press of a button, you can target enemies and launch yourself like a rocket. The second character you get when you join the blind spot sings.

If you change direction before approaching the enemy, you’ll surround them so they’re facing you. They are frozen, making them vulnerable to dealing more damage. Besides, it’s nice when you do.

Not all enemies succumb to this plan, but many try to be as blind as possible. Not only will you be able to defeat enemies more effectively, but you’ll also increase your VA during battles, allowing you to keep attacking continuously.

2. When setting your Chain Combos, take distance into account.

STAR OCEAN DIVINE FORCE lets you put multiple combat skills on one button and activate them one by one in a combo chain. You can place them anywhere, but be aware of the distance requirements for these abilities.

The different movements they can make can be long, medium, or short, so they have to think about how to combine them to perform them most effectively. There’s no right or wrong, but chaining combos can affect your strategy, so it pays to keep an eye on effective weaknesses and powers.

3. You have complete control over configuration.

This is the scene. You face a formidable enemy and find yourself in a predicament. It seems something isn’t working. Perhaps the enemy used a weapon with a resistance element, the purchase was ineffective, or the chain link was not suitable for the job.

It’s not about gnashing of teeth, fight or flight. 

Gear and teammates can be changed at any time during battle, giving you the freedom to experiment with different backgrounds and find new strategies that will help you win.

4. If you need a break, choose stop mode.

Combat in STAR OCEAN can be a brutal divine force. Combat is fast and intense due to the speed and agility of your character and your enemies. Sometimes you have to slow down.

This is the mode in which the posture is connected. Use them when you want to pause an activity and take a break. It helps maintain health even during party battles. You can order them or use an item without having to make those choices if something eats you up.

This is especially useful in more intense boss fights. Don’t forget to use them when needed so you know when to develop your battle strategy.

5. Stay stocked up with healing items 

Recovery is an important factor in Star Power, especially in the early stages of the game. Later in the game, you’ll gain the ability to regenerate HP, but even then it’s important to have health items on hand in case you need them.

After unlocking Craft Craft you can make your potions and try to make as many potions as possible.

6. You can link combinations of healing items.

You can play for health items, but assigning them to a combo chain is faster. Not only can you trigger an action when a button is clicked, but a command can also be executed when the button itself is clicked and clicked.

It is recommended to harden the item in one of these “holding” chain links. This makes you less likely to abuse it, but you can take a quick sip if you need to.

7. Plan your team upgrades carefully

To unlock new Star Ocean DIVINE POWER skills you need to spend SP fighting enemies. Adding skills also requires unlocking adjacent nodes in the skill tree. The entire tree is visible from the start, so you can plan the path to develop the resources you need.

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