The Game Crew 2 : You will get full results

Unlike the original 2014 Crew, The Crew 2 doesn’t have a complicated storyline that takes the characters to the “end” of the game. Rather, it’s up to you to participate in events, increase your “followers” and become a famous racer. Whether it’s drag racing, motocross, or flying, you’ll find new fans.

Starting as a “beginner” who can only compete with certain types of vehicles, and participating in various events will unlock previously unlocked vehicles for free. As you increase your popularity, celebrities, stars, and badges, you can unlock more types of rides and events to complete. It’s not hard to be “important” in a few days, but you have to know what he’s doing.

flatten the car

There is another number worth noting. Every vehicle you drive has a basic level, and these numbers give you an idea of ​​how your vehicle will behave in a race. When you select an event, the current level of that vehicle and the recommended level for race participants are displayed on the map. If you lack, you can run, but it will be difficult to succeed.

To equip cars, motorcycles, ships, and planes, you need additional auto parts called “loot”. The race is complete and can be used to upgrade tires, engines, suspensions, and more. They come in a variety of colors and come in the same style as RPG gear (eg purple is better than green). However, if the number of trophies exceeds the vehicle parts, these trophies must be replaced. have. . . .

If you forget to collect loot, you can find it in mailboxes in various locations in your area. If you forget the order, the default color is the same as the picture on the paper.

Listen quietly and start blinking in small pieces and you’ll come to a Gift of Life with extra loot. Find the beep by moving further away. It’s rarely seen, but it’s great for leveling up fairly evenly in the next race.

you have to achieve this first

A huge amount of new stuff can appear on every map, especially in the morning. Not everything is a good way to get followers, so if you want to increase your followers quickly, we recommend choosing a few of these types.

Street Races: Street racing mode is the standard for the world’s most open racing sport. Street racing in The Crew 2 typically attracts around 2,000 new customers and can be completed in minutes. Street racing is harder than other racing games, but the practice is a great way to hone your skills.

Hurry to attack. As Dr. Emmett Brown said, “Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” There are usually compulsory road races in forests, swamps, and places where cars are not allowed, and the rewards for running are similar.

Motocross competition is still going on, but on the road, you have to cycle on off-road tracks with big jumps and sharp turns. It may seem complicated, but planning a route is much simpler and easier than a car, ship, or plane.

Performing aerobatics on a plane may seem intimidating, but in Crew 2, you can do it easily. In acrobatic competitions, you usually score points when performing certain tricks, such as somersaults and spins. This can be completed quickly and with extreme ease.

Tips and Tricks

With so many different vehicles to choose from, you can race easily in one race and be reckless in another. The following advice can help you become better.

Hit the Brake – In the latest games, you hardly ever need to hit the brake to turn, even when racing hypercars. This will cause the car to veer off the road, but releasing the throttle before turning can avoid this and quickly regain speed.

Don’t waste Nitrous. Press ‘X’ on your PS4 controller or ‘A’ on your Xbox One controller to speed up with Nitrous in your car. You may want to use them all on long straight roads, but it’s best to save them in case of an emergency. Play the game and go to the final level.

Don’t let the game upset you. Running out of energy at the end of the game may make you want to hit resume, but doing so could result in you missing out on free followers. Even if you lose the game, you can get a limited number of characters and money just by completing the game.

Use ‘Back on Track’: To use ‘Back on Track’, press L1 and R1 on PS4 and LB and RB on Xbox One. This feature allows you to quickly return to the original position in case of an accidental fall. Doing this right after making a mistake will keep you in the race even if you make a mistake. This is much faster than undoing manually, so practice regularly.

Never miss a photoshoot: Receive notifications of upcoming photo shoots while driving in the open world. This quick mission allows you to travel to the desert, city, or airspace to take pictures of animals or places of interest. It looks useless in racing games, but it provides the same number of fans and takes much less time to complete a street race.

Do you want to compete and show good manners? Whether you’re on an airplane, on a cruise ship, or on another vehicle, just thinking about it will help you get a lot of followers. This can be easily done with a plane that can do tricks like barrel rolls at will, but even if you hit it at high speed in street racing, the character gets a lot of followers. However, freestyle tricks do not make money, so you must attend the event.

Change vehicle at any time – While navigating Crew 2, press the right analog stick to instantly switch to a new type of vehicle. Jump in the car and transform into a plane to fly into the sunset, or ride the boat to the hills.
Enjoy drag racing. Over time, you can unlock fast and crazy racing events. To increase speed, you need to change gears at the right time, and at the start of each ride, you need to warm up the engine to accelerate. The startup is slow. Release the throttle until the race starts showing a high point.

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