The King’s Return

Every MMO MMO is more than meets the eye. This is how you play:

  • Ivany’s goal is to build an empire from scratch. If you have the right control, your shield will go down and you can protect yourself.
  • This real-time war game is played on a live map. This means that anyone can attack your bases at any time.
  • After you build your castle, you can visit ancient ruins to search for treasure. This part of the game will test your skills with a surprisingly complex audio puzzle.
  • If you want to be strong, you need to collect as much gold, gems, stones, wood, and food as possible. A government that has none of these resources is weak.
  • Use resources to upgrade various buildings to create and train new troops. By upgrading your buildings, you know exactly which resources to use and how much. Improving prisons is very expensive.

Evony Bot: AutoPlayer?

Vending machines are unlikely to be found in Ebony, but they do exist. Humans generally train robots to perform routine tasks or tasks that require repetition. If you are attacked, it is probably a real player.

Ebony Hack: Need a Game Mod?

Don’t bother Lavonia. Because you’ll be on the Banhammer list in no time. If you’re not surprised by the permanent ban, ask yourself. What everyone who plays Evony is doing is rebuilding their empire from scratch and making progress. In many ways, it defeats the purpose of hacking.

Evony PC: Can I play on the big screen?

There are many ways to play Evony on PC. Check it out below:

BlueStacks: You can download Bluestacks Android Emulator for PC. Once installed, you can download thousands of mobile games, including Evony.

Menu Play: Like BlueStacks, Memu Play is an Android emulator for PC. Install the account on your computer and you will find Evony on the store page. Visit the official site and play original Evony games on a PC.

Evony Speedup: How to Get Speedup

Evony: Return of the King has many ways to speed up, but with each update, the coolness increases, so it takes a lot of speed to progress. Collect additional raises:

Missions Completed – Completing the main mission will significantly increase your speed. Being part of the discovery gives less time to rush. But making a series of discoveries is a good way to save lots of little boosters for later use.

Solving Puzzles: Solving puzzles with a single sound can increase your speed. You can also get rewards from the reward bar at the bottom of the screen after completing a certain number of puzzles.

Event Center: Every day you can collect something in the Event Center by participating in events or raising your castle to a certain level. If not, you can always check out the event hub for daily login rewards and build from there.

Invite Friends – Invite 10 friends to receive 53 rewards for 60 minutes. When two of these friends reach level 20, there are 53 60-minute steps and 53 one-hour steps to research new technology.

Check your servant rolls – go to your town and go to the front gate and you will see one or two random boost boxes.

Buy something: If you’re desperate, you can buy boosters right away, or you can buy them in packs.

Trade it: Gems can be bought in the store to increase speed. A 15-minute boost costs 50 gems and an 8-hour boost costs 850 gems.

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