Top 5 Bubble Shooter Rules You Should Know

Bubble shooter games are based on points, so you have to focus on the points that contribute to your score. The game starts with a series of bubbles that fill the entire screen. This phase aims to remove bubbles of the same size or color. For some people, this can be a fatal mistake. This is because the top row starts falling later and the player loses when the bubble hits the screen. So it’s important to know that you should focus on destroying the bubbles that will give you points. Simple targets can be saved for tactical situations when time runs out or the bubble runs out. That’s why it’s so important to play for points, not just bubbles.

Use the Power Ups

For some reason, the ability to boost bubbles in the shooter has been implemented to allow users to get great results. However, since the bonus is triggered randomly, it is often abused. This also affects the final result of the game and you can lose points. Upgrades are determined to achieve the highest score. At this stage it is important to have a plan for when the user will find power. Using power-ups in the right direction creates a chain reaction that causes more bubbles to fall and the player earns more points. Stay focused and prepare for the bonus. There are various power-ups in the three basic Bubble Shooter bubbles, so it’s important to know that as well.

Understand the Powerups 

Online shooter boosters perform certain functions if used properly. Fireball, for example, is one of the most profitable power-ups. The role of this ball is to remove all air bubbles in turn. If you shoot from any position in a bubble shooter game, the bubbles in the line will be removed. Therefore, using this buff tactically is beneficial for the player.

The second is the ignition pump. As the name suggests, bombs are set to explode bubbles en masse. This fondant is best used in situations where there is no way out. The bomb explodes, destroying the universe forever. It also helps players earn valuable points to make the game more efficient. The last fire is thick foam. This helps match the color to the bubbles in the row. When a specific color is matched, all bubbles of that color will burst. So, if you find yourself in a sticky situation where you can’t get rid of just one color, wild bubbles can come to the rescue and pave the way for the player.

Law of the Three Bubbles

One of the most basic rules of the game is that players must collect 3 marbles. However, the player is better off finding and moving dots than eliminating bubbles. Instead of removing 3 bubbles in a row, you can always remove multiple bubbles at once. This not only paves the way for the player but also helps him earn more points and become a proficient player in the online sphere of bubble shooter games.

Keep a Track of the Timer

The game timer is very important as it determines the progress of the game. Players must pop the maximum number of bubbles within the time set by the timer. However, players often forget to keep track of the timer and the game ends with the lowest score. To be successful in the game, keep track of your time and plan accordingly. Also, be careful when adding bubbles. One wrong move can cause the bubbles to clump together and hit the screen, ending the game. This should be avoided, so be careful.

final thoughts

Bubble Shooter is one of the most addictive games in the online gaming world. Players can enjoy this game with the MPL app and improve their aiming skills as it is addictive. Therefore, Bubble Shooter can be fun for everyone from beginners who enjoy the flow of online games to advanced players.

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