US Army Military Attack FPS Game : The 15 best military FPS games (see real military shooters)

There is no shortage of tactical first-person shooter games on the market, each offering different challenges and different levels of conflict. You have no choice, so I called 15 military shooters to put your dirty boots on.

15. Stronghold: nations at war

Holdfast – A Warring States period set in the Napoleonic era, to recreate the wars of that era. From battle lines to flag bearers, if you’re looking for 19th-century combat, Holdfast has you covered.

Produced by Holdfast: Terrible War Nation;

  • It supports battles with 150 or more players.
  • Land battles are unlimited as naval battles are possible.
  • Scaevola doesn’t take herself too seriously, which could lead to funny moments.

14. War of rights

The Civil Rights War was part of the Maryland movement of 1862 to mimic the civil war. Play as the Union or Confederacy and, with an emphasis on realism, expect endless comic conflict and apparent death.

How terrible is the right to start a war?

  • Choose your level and equipment from 95 game modes.
  • Includes iconic battles such as Antietam, South Mountain, and Harpers Ferry, along with details on each battle location.
  • CRYENGINE V Civil War is by far the best civilian game.

13. Heroes and emperors

If you like free games, Heroes and Emperors are for you. Play against the United States, Germany, or the Soviet Union during World War II and engage in battles that will shape the future narrative, with the ultimate goal of conquering 15 nations.

What makes heroes and emperors so extraordinary:

  • Whether you’re defending kills or equipping resources, everything you do on the battlefield matters.
  • You have to unlock more than 65 different types of weapons.
  • Test drive more than 70 vehicles, including owners and manufacturers.

12. Recourse to the Armed Forces

Call to Arms is a truly unique blend of real-time combat and first-person shooter that lets you command multiple squads from a bird’s eye perspective or fight underground like a soldier in boots. No matter who you choose, the goal is the same: shoot and destroy the enemy by all means.

What’s so scary about holding a gun?

  • Heavy AI is always a challenge, even in dungeons.
  • The ability to switch between soldier and commander in a single frame is a game mechanic you won’t find anywhere else.
  • The map editor allows the community to create new missions and share them with others so that they are always new.

11. After the Bible

The battle of the Belgian empire in the postscript. Strong gameplay is key to this unique adaptation of the action and adventure marketplace, as factions seek out heroes who outperform each other.

Why PostScript is good:

  • The royal representation of Belgium during World War II provided many competing seats.
  • It’s a team effort, from driving a Tiger tank to calling for an air strike.
  • The game continues to evolve with the addition of new battle rooms.

10 Specifications Operation: Line

Well, I was a little wrong considering the third-person view, but if you want the clearest view of the war, look no further than Spec Ops: The Line. After a devastating sandstorm hits Dubai, his team goes in search of the wreck, encountering many disasters along the way.

What Makes Spec Ops: Line Great:

  • More difficult to choose in all areas.
  • This wacky story will stay with you long after you finish playing.
  • No other game will ask your character this way.

9. Rest

There are many tactical options in Hell Release. Grab resources, summon weapons, build fortifications and defend your community in a bloody tug-of-war.

What will break:

  • Stunning 50×50 World War II battles carefully choreographed.
  • A dynamic first line means that each game is unique.
  • Because they help in so many valuable ways, filming isn’t always necessary.

8. Rebellion

REBELLION aims to convey the arcade shooter nature of large military simulations. Be careful when aiming at your target.

Why is rebellion so bad?

  • This game looks good. The bullets pack a powerful punch, and the ambient noise distracts you until the next shot.
  • 16 tickets is a ticket for one night.
  • There are more than 40 weapons in this game, each weapon has many obstacles.

7. Shameful day

The battle across Europe on the 9th Day of Infamy. Based on the same engine as Insurgents, this World War II shooter features the same brutal weaponry.

Famous places today:

  • Play as 9 different classes with 33 game units to unlock. A total of over 8,000 lines of dialogue were written, paying close attention to the diversity of each block.
  • 15 tables are various battles that are a mixture of urban and rural battles.
  • Over 60 weapons with many customization options.

6. Red Orchestra 2:Heroes of Stalingrad and Adventus Tempestatis

Reminiscent of the Battle of Stalingrad, the original Red Orchestra 2 recreates the massacre that took place between July 1942 and February 1943. Play alongside German and Soviet forces in one of the bloodiest battles of WWII. Red Orchestra 2 includes Revolution Storm Rising, which takes the game to the Pacific region of operations.

The good thing about Red Orchestra 2

  • There is no more brutal and bloody sniper on the market since World War II.
  • From PTSD-inducing sound effects to massive explosions for dying soldiers to plead for mercy.
  • War of Tanks is one of the most exciting games designed with artificial intelligence, strategy, and built-in features that other players can play.

5. Tim

They weren’t the only wolves on the team. Build, interact, and plan for victory on multiple sandbox-style maps inspired by Modern Warfare.

It makes a great team.

A complete military game for 80 players with infantry and vehicle combat.

Gather a team of 9 to quickly balance and overwhelm your opponents.

Build an impenetrable base with building systems.

4. Naughty sandstorm

Insurgent Sandstorms offer fierce fighting in the Middle East. Building on the elements that made the original Insurgency great, Sandstorm delivers the same intuitive gameplay experience with updated graphics and improved character customization.

Features of Rebel Sandstorm:

It retains the same great sound as the original Insurgents.

The next battle is ahead of you, so don’t hesitate.

Scheduled for release in spring 2020, the promotion is also open to solar players. Given the worrying lack of military SIM cards for consoles, this is good news.

3. Rainbow HK VI

There are few games as ambitious as the investment in Rainbow 6. The simple 5v5 formula of attack or defense is enhanced by the operator. The attacker’s bread and butter is a huge distraction in an already complex game.

Features of Arcus 6 Siege:

  • There are always new systems to learn and master.
  • A unique skill-based ranking system for other competitive games. Whether it’s brass or diamonds, it doesn’t depend on your Summit investment.
  • Almost four years later, Ubisoft has promised to maintain its investment by regularly adding new content.

2. Receive 3

Put down your weapons for an easy and new challenge. 3. Compete with your friends to cross huge islands high and low to engage in fierce battles on land, sky, and sea.

Weapon 3 is fine.

  • Neither game claims to be able to replicate the expansion’s objectives.
  • With over 40 weapons to choose from, the tactical options are endless.
  • We provide the community with the most comprehensive script editing and rewriting tool.

1. row 5

  • Line 5 marks the series’ long-awaited return to World War II. Battlefield 5 is a big plus with many new elements introduced, such as a consumption system that limits ammo and removes the ability to regenerate without medicine, and a real-time rescue model called Tides of War. Convenience

Line 5 features:

  • Check out the best shooters in the Battle series

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