World of Warships

World of Longships Blitz by Wargaming is the best real naval battle game for Android and iOS devices. Unlike World of Tank Blitz, this game is a bit slow, but with the right strategy and strategy, you will be able to defeat your opponent.

Real-time 7v7 ship battles can be very, very difficult, so be well prepared, choose the best ship, and always equip it with weapons and boosters. If you are new to the World of Long Ships Blitz, please read this guide. Use these helpful tips and advice to earn more points, help your crew, and outfit your boat with the right stuff before you set sail!

1. Understand the game’s interface.

Minimap: located in the top left corner of the screen. The smallest is most useful for spotting the enemy’s first ships. You can also know where your friend’s ship is going. It also shows the smallest mountains and icebergs.

Team Composition and Timer. At the top of the screen, you can see the battle team and team composition. The game ends when no fear is achieved. The green combat icon is your team’s ship and the orange combat icon is the enemy ship’s bar. This section also shows a summary of the team’s team and the opposing team.

Control panel: The control panel is located in the lower-left corner of the screen. Press the on-screen arrow key to speed up the ship. Click once to move the ship, and click to rev it up. If you hold down the arrow key, the ship moves backward. If you hold down the right and left buttons, the ship will turn left or right.

Weapons and Consumables section. Located at the bottom center of the screen, this section displays a list of items installed on your ship. Two main points:

1. The damage protection set (fire extinguisher icon) must be used when the ship is on fire. Turn off the fires and rivers and make the ship invincible in a short time. Reload time 60 seconds

2. Refresh Kit: Restores a portion of your ship’s HP over 10 seconds and has a 90-second cooldown. Use the repair and breakdown kit only when necessary. You can also equip weapons and gear to boost your key battle stats, and power-ups to gain experience points or extra cash.

Concentrate on the fire buttons – These buttons are located in the bottom right corner of the screen. Touch the binoculars icon to zoom in and see your ship from afar. Improved accuracy allows you to spot enemy longships in advance. Press the fire button to hit the enemy, but make sure the aim icon is directly over the crease. All cannons can fire at enemy ships if the ship is turned sideways. Like the sound of double fire itself.

Ammo Type and Weapon Type – Ammo and weapon type are displayed just above the button. This allows you to switch additional weapons such as torpedoes. Simply click on your primary weapon to switch torpedoes. Experiment with different ammo types to see which one does the most damage to enemy ships.

Send HP – The small ship icon on the right side of the screen shows your ship’s HP. Green indicates the boat is still in good condition, but if it turns yellow, worry about the boat’s longevity and consider a repair kit.

2. Play and train in a co-op battle

If you’re new to Battleship Blitz, it can be difficult to take on random players from around the world. Practice maneuvers, track targets, aim accurately and target enemy ships with torpedoes. This is best done in “co-op” hunting mode. Here you team up with other players to fight AI ships. The co-op mode is easy to play. It’s a great spot for some serious pre-launch practice.

3. Equip your ship with this key item before the battle.

Preparing for the final fight in the backyard doesn’t have to be difficult. To defeat your opponents in PvP combat, you will need to equip them with the right weapons, consumables, and bonuses. Equipping your ship with items such as “Maintenance Kit”, “Improved Crew Report”, and “Refined Diesel” will increase your ship’s combat capability and Battery Charge Time (Primary Weapon) / Charge Time drums. hit the torpedoes, speed. ship lifted. Equipping your ship with weapons also improves its stats, just like the stats. B. Reduced battery charge time and torpedo tube speed.

Don’t forget to move the booster. Winning tournaments allows you to gain more experience and money. Always wear silver and feel the pre-battle boost. When the battle starts, strength and power-ups are automatically reduced. You get a daily login (see the Daily Login section to see the rewards you get each day). You can also get boosters through daily discoveries. Simply click on the “Mission” button in the upper left corner of the screen.

With this money, you can buy consumables, consumables, weapons, and boosters. Easy win. Earn money by completing rewarding battle modes. Log in every day to receive newbie gifts. Earn lots of money and XP.

4. Maximize your upgrades and get rewarded with selected ships.

Before talking about “elite freighters”, let’s see how to upgrade to a longship. Blueprints are needed to upgrade cannons, hulls, and other ship parts. Win the battle to achieve it. You can also get them by unchecking “Job Quest” under “Question”. Career missions can be completed by completing tasks such as upgrading or purchasing a class three or higher ship. Once you have specific specs for shipping components, you can start upgrading them. The more similar the blueprints, the better, as this will help update certain parts faster.

5. Don’t be an easy target

If your ship has sunk, you will be left alone. The enemy can easily see your ship with the zoom option. So try to outrun your opponents by pushing your ship towards them or behind icebergs or other obstacles to keep them out of reach. If you are going out, stay in the aisle and go slowly. Immediately press the arrow keys to move more slowly. Double-click to speed up your ship.

They tried to follow the actions of other ships. Even learn from your enemies. There was a time when my ship took the most damage due to a group of enemy team warships burning all their cannons on the side facing my ship. It was a team effort and they managed to destroy my ship. Error: I am alone, not in a team.

6. Use zoom to identify enemies at the start of the battle.

Tap the binoculars icon to zoom. By zooming in, you can see ships at the start of the battle and attack them when they are out of range. You and your team have to attack first, and the boost button helps you do that. You can find enemy ships using the zoom, but the zoom option is only used to target unsuspecting enemies.

7. How do you use your spending and funds to unlock and buy more powerful ships?

We recommend expanding your ship collection with the best ships to win the game. Researching high-level ships are the best way to get the best longships.

1. Cooperative battles are the best and easiest way to gain experience and money in the game. Play more cooperative battles with your team to win faster and get rewards.

2. Equip your ship with Battle EXP and Money Boosters to increase battle rewards such as experience and money. He deserves to be recognized for his accomplishments. You can also get it as a daily login bonus. Completing daily quests and tasks is another way to collect lots of boosters. All this can be found in the “Missions” section.

3. Play every day and get lots of free XP. Simply click on “Connection day” to find out when

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